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Submissive Carrie


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Submissive Carrie
Submissive Carrie
Submissive Carrie
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1 year
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
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I am an expert in dishing out corporal punishment to wayward boys and really enjoy role-play. I am very imaginative and pride myself in creating the right ambience to play out these scenarios in a safe and clean environment.

I am based in Victoria, London in a luxury domestic setting with a specialist fantasy room which is fully equipped.

Schoolboy Corporal Punishment:

This will depend on how senior a boy you are and how much corporal punishment you have previously experienced. Punishments range from OTK spankings to severe canings. I have numerous canes you can pick from (or I might chose), Junior Canes, Senior Canes and Fibreglass Canes (which are not for beginners). I also have leather straps (some 3 layers thick and weighted which sting like mad), two and three fingered Scottish tawses, numerous wooden paddles and several riding crops. I also have spanking benches, restraints, original school desk I am fully equipped.

Judicial Style Punishment:

This scene is not for beginners - unless you are very brave and really want to please the Head Girl. You will have been sent to me for a very serious offence. I decide on a set number of strokes and sentence you formally to a severe thrashing, for example two dozen strokes with the Senior Cane. You will then be restrained and the strokes are administered from cold. No warm up spanking and no mercy!

Role-Play and Authentic Uniforms:

My speciality is being an 18 year old Head Girl. I wear my Senior Girls uniform with a white blouse, tie and blazer with either stockings and a short school skirt or very tight black trousers. I always wear high heels with knickers or maybe if I am feeling very naughty no knickers!

However, if you want to do something different I can punish you in a number of different roles, for example School Mistress, Lady Boss, Policewoman, Prison Warden, Wife/Girlfriend, Army Officer, or Riding School Bully. If there is anything you particularly fantasize about, please ask.

Other Activities:

I can enhance your discipline sessions with bondage or gagging, which we can work in to a Head Girls detention session or other scenario, as I have beautiful feet and legs, boys with a foot, stockings or suspenders fetish may worship me.

If I feel a boy has taken his punishment bravely I may reward him by giving him a hug, which could lead to some inappropriate but exciting fondling of warm buttocks and some relief. Very occasionally I have been known to get so excited when punishing a boy to whom I really am attracted to that I have asked him to spank me, or even cane me, leading to a heavy petting session and two very red bottoms.
(I include PERSONAL SERVICES with all my services if required)

I am looking forward to seeing you in my study and to giving you a good caning! and if you are very lucky you may cane me to! I am a Sexy Petite English Rose with a beautiful white bottom.

If you would like to find out more about the services that you enjoy please go to before phoning to make sure that I am the right girl for you.

2020 08 13