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1 year
United Kingdom
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I am a lifestyle Dominant sessions with me are strict and very authentic whether it be school detention with me as your Headmistress in Berkshire, Portsmouth and NORFOLK, or as my stable slave, with me as your Equestian Mistress in my private stables in NORFOLK. One to one sessions - taken by a mature, classy, sexy blue eyed blonde with great legs. Plenty of corporal punishment including Caning, OTK hand spanking,riding crop, schooling whip, stirrup leather, leather strap, stinging slippering, slaps on the backs of your legs that will have you wriggling, an impressive range of implements to teach you a lesson you will never forget! Old School Discipline, in its purest form, delivered by a true expert. A natural born lifestyle Dominant. It's a way of life to me not an act - as you will find out. **Alternatively test your limits in one of my dungeons** New and novice spankees are very welcome - catered for sympathetically, **Limits are respected** Sessions are adapted per individual requirements and are discussed when you book, you have a say in your session and what you want from it, what is the point of doing something you wont enjoy?

2017 04 16