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Mistress Simone


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Mistress Simone
Mistress Simone
Mistress Simone
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1 year
Please call me on
Chicago , United States
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To begin this bio with the basic facts such as my length of experience, my specialties and my limitations would be a bore to you, the submissive, and myself. All those facts will be revealed within my site, but it seems so trite to begin there. Instead let me tell you how I view my dominance and how it will suit your desires as a submissive.

While I am a sadist, that label limits me as a Dominant woman.  I have the ability to tailor each session to the fetish interests of the person under my tutelage. I can play in the range from sensual to sever, so please do not let my wide interests and years scare you from serving me. I do enjoy the lighter side as well as extreme edge play.

You will find me to possess a vivid imagination, wicked wit and wide array of skills and experience.  The needs of the novice to the most experienced student can be satisfied at my touch. I enjoy men, women and trans: gay,straight or bisexual. It is about the exploration we will do together, not our labels. All your limits will be respected.

Sincerity, integrity and honesty are the key philosophies within my domain. Your mind will reel from the mixture of emotions you will feel under my tutelage.     


My  domination style depends on my mood and the person I am with. My range is from sensual to strict while spanning the multitude in between. If you asked me to sum it up in a few words, I would have to say wickedly creative. I enjoy the  full gamete of fetishism from  A to Z so if you do not see your interest listed, ask me. While I might appear very nice, let there be no doubt in your mind who is in charge of our time together. A true sadistic woman at heart, I enjoy creating sensations in you  and illiciting responses from you.

I am experienced in all aspects of:
S/M & B/D
Nipple Torment
Role Playing
Corporal Punishment
Chastity & Orgasm Denial
Feminization & Sissification
Sensory Deprivation
Foot Worship
Heavy Impact
Medical Scenes

There is an entire page devoted to those fetishes I engage in at my studio. Please peruse it to see if we would be a good fit.

My studio is clean, private and well-equipped. It provides a safe atmosphere for all who seek to experience any aspect of this lifestyle. It is conveniently located near downtown Chicago, easy for taxis, public transportation and cars. There are four unique areas of the studio. Images may be seen here. Public outings are quite easy to arrange in the area, as it caters to an alternative crowd.

I am NOT interested in sexual service, illegal activities or unsafe behavior, so if this is what you seek, do so elsewhere. My submissives will be expected to display exemplary behaviors while in my presence.

2018 04 25