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Mistress Sage Sikori


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Mistress Sage Sikori


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Mistress Sage Sikori
Mistress Sage Sikori
Mistress Sage Sikori
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1 year
United Kingdom
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You may call me Mistress Sage I have been a Professional Dominatrix for the past 3 years now going on 4. I enjoy the lifestyle of BDSM deeply. It is an intricate and integral part of who I am at my core. As a dominant powerful woman, I am sensual, nurturing and calculating; but I am also wild, mysterious, erotic and relentless. I recognized my love for BDSM and began cultivating my experience, gaining as much knowledge as possible. I have trained and mastered many areas of taboo play and specialties, relishing each new skill I add to my arsenal. Nothing pleases me more than to see the excitement in the eyes of my helpless, desperate submissive; as I enjoy the power and control I hold over them, pushing just the right buttons. I have always been a highly creative creature; these skills especially being showcased in my workshops and sessions. When you come to serve me, you are serving not only a beautiful woman but a knowledged professional. I am by no means a novice and have been a part of the BDSM community for 7 years and pride myself on safe, sane and consensual play. My methodology of training and development mainly focuses on areas of control, discipline and obedience. I am a sadistic Dominant, though my interests and skills range from sensual soft play to more extreme sadistic treatment/use - and everything that falls in between. A taste of some of the things I currently offer: Body Worship Boot/Shoe/Foot Worship CBT Corporal Punishment, Discipline Cross-dressing Electro play Foot and Heel/Boot Worship Hot Wax Play Humiliation Impact Play Nipple Torture Punishments – I am VERY creative Role Play Sensation Play Shibari Sissification Watersports And more Currently I am offering workshops and sessions and I also offer online services. I offer novice, couple's, one-on-one and virtual sessions/workshops. If you wish to serve me please navigate to my website and complete the "Scheduling Submission Application" a link for this can be found here: You can also email me at : You may text me at : 443-733-4053 Email is the quickest way to get in touch with me. Check out my website for more information and see exclusive content:

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