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Mistress Nicolette


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Mistress Nicolette
Mistress Nicolette
Mistress Nicolette
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15-20 year 's
Please call me on
Los Angeles, Saint Kitts and Nevis
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We all have a BDSM history, from the moment we had our first fantasy to our latest scene. Here is some of mine:

I grew up in Southern California, looking typical but feeling unusual. Inside I had fantasies and desires that didnt fit into the norm.
My adventures in BDSM began when I was 17 years old. I acted out my dominant fantasies by holding down my boyfriend while kissing, holding him down gently at first then progressing to pinning him below me and finally to tying him down with my scarves.

I suppose my growth as a Dominatrix followed a natural progression. Starting with books and magazines, I learned that I was not the only person with these desires. And this knowledge further fueled my curiosity, as the possibility of acting out my fantasies became more real. As my boyfriends would each eventually discoverBDSM experimentation became a central part of my sexuality. Each Anne Rice book or reference in a movie brought me closer to the reality of playing with partners equally fixated on a power exchange dynamic.

My first play partners were people like myself, who were more into exploring their need for S/M than into pursuing vanilla desires that I found through telephone personal ads. In one telephone conversation, I learned about play parties. Suddenly I imagined myself at a gathering where people exchanged ideas, lent support and mentored others, and watched each other play! I didnt know where to find these parties, but I became determined to get there.
Finally, while working at a booth that sold whips and other items from the renaissance period, I was invited by a co-worker to attend my first play party. Held at a local (now non-existent) dungeon owned by a beautiful professional dominatrix who later became my friend. There were several rooms full of equipment and toys, and more importantly, people who were experienced and skilled in all areas of play. I found myself mesmerized by scenes watching things I had fantasized about for years unfolding before my eyes. Everyone was dressed in their finest fetish attire since it was a post-party for the biggest annual fetish event in Los Angeles.

I felt that I belonged there, in the midst of scenes, listening to the sounds of whipping and groans of painful pleasures. Luckily, I met a few new friends who welcomed me into the scene and invited me to join them at a Threshold meeting. In addition to introducing me to even more like-minded people, Threshold gave me the opportunity to learn more about technique and to attend many more play parties.

My appetite for play whetted, I hungered to learn more, and voraciously sought new experiences. Taking classes and meeting new people, playing and practicing, and talking to people I could relate to, I finally felt that I fit in.

I further entered into the world of BDSM by joining a private group founded by BDSM professionals and lifestylers who wanted to have regular play parties. In addition, I found parties that offered the opportunity to see even heavier scenes held at several professional dungeons around town such as GForce, Ivy Manor and Justice.

Meeting these Pro Dommes and watching them play, I knew that I wanted BDSM to be more a part of my life than just a weekend activity. I saw that I could make it a central part of my life, and spend my days playing!!

Several years ago, I started taking sessions with clients I met while chatting online. I played in a small space and enjoyed my sessions, but I wanted to expand my capabilities and clientele to include more elaborate and intense scenes. Recently, I have relocated to a more spacious and well-equipped dungeon where I have the opportunity to expand into new areas such as full suspension, heavier bondage scenes, and extended sessions.

Being a Dominatrix allows me to be myselfthis is what I have always wanted to do, and as I expand and explore I am not holding back. I am going full speed ahead toward my full potential as a sensually sadistic dominant.

2021 12 08