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Mistress Ming


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Mistress Ming
Mistress Ming
Mistress Ming
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1 year
Please call me on
Georgia, United States
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I am a Beautiful Sadistic Woman cleverly disguised as the Super Hot Asian girl next door and often mistaken for an MIT graduate. I stand 5'10" in My stockinged feet, and well over 6' in any pair of My unbelievably large collection of Fetish boots & shoes. You will find Me to be artistic, intelligent, articulate, well read, well traveled, creative and outspoken...with a strong dynamic personality. I am also a compassionate, though sadistic, nonjudgmental Mistress who is understanding of your deviant desires. Although small amounts of role-play are encouraged...even enjoyed, I am always at My best when I am using My creative energy to the fullest... Which allows Me to be, a very playful and sensual yet stern and demanding Dominant. I am a Woman possessed of strong intuition... a condition deeply rooted in Asian culture.

I am a skilled practitioner of non-verbal communication. I exhibit a quiet confidence, sport a devilish/mischievous grin and operate with a 'no-nonsense attitude'. I speak with soft yet firm voice as I have My ways of maintaining your attention...I will lure you in with My enticing body, persuasive manner, and witty sense of humor and take great pleasure in causing you noticeable mental anguish and if it pleases Me, severe physical discomfort. I am skilled and proficient in a wide array of BDSM activities/practices.

I am quite proficient in Chinese Kung Fu, and also well versed in several other forms of Martial Arts. Be Warned, I am extremely powerful and flexible.  My ability to deliver flying kicks, Spinning kicks, round kicks, side kicks and paddle kicks to My opponents weak, vulnerable areas with unparalleled deadly accuracy... is the stuff of legend!  If it is your desire to stand before this Eastern Goddess...Stripped, exposed, ready to be beaten and shamed, remember... I was not born with the Sobriquet "Ming The Merciless"

I continue to expand My repertoire by participating in educational workshops, attending fetish related seminars, partaking in private instructional classes, and continually adding to My extensive Dungeon equipment collection and Fetish wardrobe. I have gained practical knowledge...hands on Dungeon/play experience that is truly invaluable from the numerous Professional and lifestyle sessions that I have conducted over the last few years. I offer genuine and erotic exchanges in a safe, discreet, and warm environment where you are able to explore your darkest desires. Are you ready? - Put yourself in My capable hands and let Me be your guide. Whether you are a nervous novice contemplating your first experience with a professional Dominatrix or a seasoned player with many years of experience, I look forward to sharing a unique and memorable experience with you.

2021 09 21