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Mistress Maggie


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Mistress Maggie
Mistress Maggie
Mistress Maggie
Rating (1)
20-25 year 's
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Things I like / Mistress Categories
Anal Play
Boot Fetish
CP (Corporal Punishment)
High Heel Worship
Strap On
Ass Worship
Breath Control
Face Sitting
Needle Play
Role Play & Fantasy
Rubber Fetish
Mature Mistress (40+)
Slim Mistress
Fetish Mistress
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I am Mistress Maggie, a mature, experienced and professional Mistress. I have my own equipped chambers and dedicated fetish clinic in Preston, North West England, I have worked as a fetish and BDSM professional since 1997.

My particular specialities are -

  • Medical Play
  • Heavy Bondage and Mummification
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Breathplay
Otherwise I am here to be amused, worshipped and served by men who look and behave like men, I have little to do with TV's or transformations. I conduct my sessions with a dominant attitude and love to dress up for the part, close fitting fetish outfits, heels and uniforms are what I wear for sorting you out. I will dress you up too, to look like a slave, you'll be given a collar, a leather harness or polished latex mask so your identity is removed, that way you can become a different and better person for the duration of your visit.
I am well rehearsed in the training and punishment of slaves. I also like to incorporate an element of fun into my sessions, so if you don't like fun please mention it when you call.
My dungeon is equipped with devices devoted to bondage, medical, S&M and correction games, I particularly enjoy CBT and consider that a speciality too. I also particularly like to do head to toe bondage (rubber, leather, clingfilm, plastic, satin ) incorporating hoods and other methods of sensory deprivation. Dedicated furniture is available for me to strap you to, hang you from or bend you over. Of course, timid types who insist on 'no pain' are also catered for here. Worship and grovelling at my high heels and hemline is allowed, be my dog, my coat hook, my toilet, my thing to fuck or face to sit on. There are loads of weirdly useful things you can do for my amusement whilst escaping the stroke of my crop. Tying you up and getting you aroused and frustrated is another domination technique that I employ.
Maybe you love the whip or a strap - or even better, a cane. I shall not be swinging that around like a bunch of daffodils, I administer with purpose. Many CP lovers appreciate a 'warming up' with a spanking before taking counted cane strokes. Fear not, I also have a paddle or two and the option of a safe word should you need it.
Hopefully, no one will know that you have secretly been visiting your Mistress as my sessions are discreet, conducted indoors in a warm and well maintained area. Marks are sometimes unavoidable, especially in bondage and CP games, however, I do not purposely attempt to leave marks, get involved in actual bodily harm or practice scenes which may put you in hospital, all of my working apparatus is kept clean.
You can come and visit by appointment on weekdays, I open at midday and take a last customer at 8pm. There is a lot more information about my sessions and domination style on my website. Feel free to look and ask any sensible questions.


13/1/17 - I made a Steampunk Gasmask, you can read all about it and see the pics in my Blog. This week I celebrate 20 years since I did my first professional BDSM session. My recent website updates include more reviews from visiting slaves and news about Skin Stapling which has been added to my medical menu.

2019 08 26