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Mistress Lexine


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Mistress Lexine
Mistress Lexine
Mistress Lexine
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1 year
Please call me on
Los Angeles, United States
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Welcome to the world of Mistress Lexine where all your dark and dirty dreams and desires become reality.

My name is Mistress Lexine. I am an intuitive and creative Lifestyle and Professional Domme. I seek long-lasting relationships w/ subs built on mutual interest, trust and respect. I understand and live the lifestyle and I know how to give the sub/slave/fetishist what they crave and I know how to push their limits and please Mistress.

I currently reside and session in LA, but also travel to San Francisco and NYC and am available for worldwide travel w/ proper notice.

I consider myself more of a sensual Domme, but can also be very harsh and sadistic if needed. I adore foot worship and have been told I have incredible feet. I adore making them smelly and dirty so you can clean them for me. I also enjoy leg, ass cheek, and armpit worship and have a natural aroma you will crave. Im always looking for new toilet pigs and love marking my territory and filling a subs mouth. Verbal humiliation is a specialty of mine and I will put you in your place and treat like whore you are. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and may enjoy it more than you!

I love putting a sub over my knee and giving him the spanking he deserves then telling him what a good boy he is for taking Mistress punishment. My personal slave is available for voyeur type sessions for those that like to watch Mistress at work or for participation in a session. Email Mistress for further details.

Mistress enjoys training subs and taking them to places they never thought they could go; pushing their limits, but doing so safely and w/ safe words. Newbies are a favorite, as I get excitement from introducing a sub into the wonderful world of BDSM. Id love and be honored to be the first to take this journey w/ you.

Mistress does not require nor expect extra gifts, etc., but for those who wish to spoil Mistress or show appreciation, I have added a link at the bottom of this page where you can surprise Me w/ something I desire. Keep in mind Mistress enjoys the finer things in life so dont disappoint!

I look forward to meeting so many of you soon and developing meaningful relationships, making new friends and of course having lots of nasty fun! Thank you for taking the time to check out my site and get to know a little about me. Hope to see you soon. Email is below to schedule an appointment and for tribute information.

2018 02 21