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Mistress Katarina of Ldn


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Mistress Katarina of Ldn

Tel: 07450039330

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Mistress Katarina of Ldn
Mistress Katarina of Ldn
Mistress Katarina of Ldn
Rating (1)
5-10 year 's
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
Things I like / Mistress Categories
Shopping (Personal Shopper)
High Heel Worship
Financial Servitude
Cages & Caging
Boot Fetish
Tie & Tease
Human Furniture
Rubber Fetish
Prostate Massage
Orgasm Denial
Orgasm Control
Masturbation Training
Maid training
Leg Worshiping
Sub Games
Strap On
Cross Dressing
Breath Control
Body Worship
Ass Worship
Face Sitting
Anal Play
Role Play & Fantasy
Rimming (Receiving)
Foot Worship
Tall Mistress
Fetish Mistress
Slim Mistress
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Im a 27-year-old Exotic Pro Dominatrix working in London Nation Wide with a Uni Bachelors degree to go with it. Being a Dominatrix wasnt always my calling, but it is certainly a more exciting line of work than a typical 9-5 where you have to be in an office all day working for someone else. I knew I had a Switch Personality with Kink in me and the sensual side when one particular public session that began at a restaurant in London really turned me on and made my adrenaline flow. Eventually after going to the United States and becoming a top rated GFE Escort I started to enjoy the industry more and delved into the scene of being a full time Mistress GFE. Knowing very well how much I loved being the GFE combined with a few other experiences that made my inner self know that being a Pro Dominatrix was an easy addition (Yes still do GFE as well) to my repertoire of skillful erotic pleasures. With a True Desire to become not only a Top Rated Escort (GFE) but a Top Rated Mistress as well, I went into the business of Pleasure, Pain and Fantasies. B d s m Its such a touchy subject or topic as you will. So many people have wrong ideas about it so they automatically think its something freaky and something perverted or dangerous for that matter. Before I started doing it, its exactly what I thought about it. I found out that a friend of mine was doing it and after a bit more explaining, several pictures, a lot of research by myself not to mention the queries from my other clientele I decided well Ill try it:))) Kind of got stuck in my mind and I was thinking, Ive done this thing before and Ive tried that and its kind of fun and interesting to say the least. There are a lot of misconceptions as well as hybrids in my profession(s). I believe that there should be a distinct differences between the types of session one may have. Its widely believed there shouldnt be any sex during a pro dom experience. I believe that there are several ways to heighten the experience without sex. I believe that once both have gone over the scenario of what is expected, wanted and the intricate details of what is the perfect experience or achievement of the client then a session should be tailored around that persons wishes as seen by me(the Mistress). This is just my personal feeling on it but truly support all those who disagree. There is typically no nudity involved in it, Clients are usually naked and we are never naked. Thats what creates the whole power exchange because they see me powerful in my latex or leather and theyre helplessly naked in front of me. Thats the beginning of it. and so much more goes into it. I would say its really a kind of loving, sensual and especially erotic. Well discuss the session beforehand and trust me I pay attention. If youre thinking of experimenting or trying something again or even just continuing what you already know then dont hesitate to contact me as this is what I truly love to do and who I am so our experience will be one of many pleasures. While there is no sexual intercourse, I do allow you masturbate at the end of a session if this is something that I feel will enhance your experience but only if I feel this way. Remember Im responsible to keep the tension and excitement for our experience and will make sure to do so in what ever way I feel needed to ensure you are getting what you want as I have understood it. So, this is one aspect of the pleasures for you. Im glad that you have decided to read my profile better and if youre a good little boy or girl then Ill allow you to stop by:) Mistress Katarina xxx 07450039330

2018 04 25