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Mistress Deliya


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Mistress Deliya
Mistress Deliya
Mistress Deliya
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1 year
Please call me on
Chicago , United States
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So you want to learn a bit more about me

I am Deliya.

Say it: DEE-lee-uh

I am a powerful woman, and I practice a unique and subtle form of domination. My physique is fair and youthful. For a long time, I eschewed conventional forms of femininity. Now increasingly I embrace the power my femaleness draws in the world around me. I can appear boyish, nubile, or gracefully woman. Traveling along this continuum is a constant pleasure.

What interests me in BDSM is well everything! But especially the complex psychology beneath kinks, fetishes, pain, pleasure, and scenes. There is nothing like BDSM for unlocking people and learning how they work. I come to domination from a place of compassion and out of desire to create more joy in the world. I strive for deeper human connection in all I do.

Although I take my work seriously, humor is an integral part of it. I am funny. I love to laugh. Scenes might often be intense, but that doesnt mean a giggle here and there doesnt have its place. I know my own power, and I dont feel that I need to maintain a mask of icy solemnity to wield it.

Specifically, I enjoy a plethora of kinky practices. As a sadist, I particularly like paddles, floggers, and whips. I am intensely manually oriented, however, and this draws me to anything requiring nimble hands. For giving pain, I take a special pride in my spanks, slaps, pinches, twists, and clamps. For bondage, I am attracted to knots and ties. I aspire to rope expertise, and I fantasize about dying my own ropes and improvising complex and beautiful harnesses. I delight in role play, the more elaborate the better. Costumes and gender play are great too!

My style is playful and creative. I incorporate color into my scenes, and I aim to weave the BDSM tropes we all love into something new and personal. Leather and spiked boots are lovely. But my overall aesthetic combines these elements with the fresh and unique.

I studied philosophy at a fancy university. I read constantly and intellectualize everything. This is the first career I felt could really hold my attention, one that could integrate different parts of myself. I practice it with a great deal of intelligence and thought, and because I want to.

Please find my contact page if you would like to learn more about me or schedule a session. There is no particular kind of client I seek. I am open to submissives, masochists, fetishists, or whatever. Variety is wonderful. Broadly, I seek those who are respectful, serious, and communicative. I like the idea of helping novices draw out their desires, but total beginners might need to make a deposit first.

I know you know this, but I am not an escort. They do great work, but I am not one. Please do not ask me for any sexual services.

And yes, I am a natural redhead.

2020 08 13