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Mandarin Queen


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Mandarin Queen

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Mandarin Queen
Mandarin Queen
Mandarin Queen
Rating (1)
1 year
Please call me on
London, United Kingdom
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I am an extremely attractive and well educated lady currently living and working in London (Canary Wharf). I have been told that I look similar to Gong Li and I have a perfectly smooth and perfectly shaped Chinese body. If you are a male slave in London who likes to serve and worship professional high class ladies in the evenings after work, or indeed anytime of time of day, you can apply now to become personal slave and servant for a very high class Oriental Empress.
Here are a few scenarios and suggestions how your application could become successful but please also feel free to email me your own suggestions and ideas:
-After a hard day at work I come to your place/or alternatively you come to mine and you massage my feet, to relieve me from the stress all can also worship my flawless oriental feet or be manicure...
-You give me full body massage, that is also very
relaxing for me and I like it very much -You cook for me and prepare nice dinner and you can choose if you want to eat with me on table, or like slave or dog from dog plate
-Sometimes I am very upset after work and need to beat men up, so you will become human punchball, I will tie you up, spank you, whip you and enjoy very much how much fun this is...
-You can also serve as human furniture or horse and I will ride on you.....
-Your face can become human chair, haha I like that very much
-If you have been bad slave or naughty you can also get severe punishment, like tie up, have your bum punished with strap on, and hard whipping or caning -As ultimate form of punishment and submission you can be transformed into human toilet, haha, so if it has been an oriental hardsports mistress or watersports. Maybe soon you can be lucky guy... :-)
You will be slave and do what I want you to do.
If you would like to apply, please email you and I will get back to you via email. If you want extra hard western style S&M I am not what you are looking for. However, if you like Asian/Oriental/Japanese/Chinese style domination with beautiful young and slim looking Queen and a more subtle form of domination that can also be very naughty and cruel, then I might be what you like...
Anyhow we will go through like/dislike form first, so I know how to make best use of you!
If you have any other questions please email me, I am very much looking forward to that.
Mandarin Queen

2018 06 18