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Madam Ivana


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Madam Ivana

Tel: +420-722-615-208

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Madam Ivana
Madam Ivana
Madam Ivana
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5-10 year 's
Please call me on
Prague , Czech Republic
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theMistressWeb!

I know you want me to please me and I know you want to make a good impression........
A GIFT is the perfect way to show your adoration, Your devotion.
Send me Amazon Gift Certificate or Gift Card and I can get what I want - when I want it
Role play specialist, Domina Supreme
I am available for both incall and outcall , also available for all holidays such as Christmas, New Years etc.Call as early as you can to make an appointment. I am available for hourly sessions also full days or half days sessions. I accept dinner invitations, shopping trips, theatre events etc. I do offer outside the czech republic visits but these must be organised in advance with a substantial downpayment and travel arrangements paid by the client up front.
My equipment is quite extensive and ranges from whips, canes, strapons, dildos, nipple clamps, bondage equipment to vacuum bags, clothes for crossdressing etc . I have an assortment of clamps, weights for cbt and ball crushing. My personal wardrobe is varied and flexible from latex dresses, high heeled shoes and boots to a more business like sexy outfits for dinner, trips etc.
My appearance is one of a very young, blond, beautilfull strict Mistress. My figure is georgeous and tight with large tits for you to worship.Please check out my photo gallery. You will lick my boots, I will humiliate you in private or in public. How would you like to be humiliated publicly in a womens lingerie store or being forced to use a womens toilet! How would you feel to be on your knees licking my boots while other women watch and laugh at you! I love foot fetish, trampling, massage,and body worship as well.
Are you craving for an intense experience with your Mistress under my total supervison? Lets arrange a session of 3,4,5 hours so I can totally take full control of your body and soul! I cater to the experienced slave and also welcome the complete novice who wants to have a beautiful Mistress to serve.
I work from an apartment in central Prague. Not the traditional dungeon setup. There is ample free parking and is easily reached by walking, public transport or taxi.

2021 12 08