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Lyra Lethe


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Lyra Lethe
Lyra Lethe
Lyra Lethe
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1 year
United States
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I am a professional and lifestyle dominatrix available for sessions with submissives, masochists, and fetishists. I stand 5’6″ in stocking feet and possess long, red hair, an hourglass figure, and a wickedly inventive imagination. I am a sincere sadist, a gorgeous goddess, and a demanding queen. My sessions are often described as mesmerizing, intense, and cathartic. I want to push your limits. I want to overwhelm your body. I want to liberate your mind. Each session is unique and tailored to our mutual interests and limits. These are some of my favorite activities. (Note that this is not a complete list— please inquire if you are interested in a different activity.) Like any goddess, I love to receive worship: feet, hands, and legs as well as latex, leather, lingerie, shoes, and stockings. I am especially fond of a slave who knows how to give a good foot massage and pedicure. Ritualistic scenes are my favorite. I specialize in alchemical operations involving bondage, sensory deprivation, and various forms of pain. Sensual, psychological, and deeply cathartic. I adore crossdressing and genderbending in all its forms, from playful dress-up to sissification to full transformations. I can teach you how to be the girl you long to be or force you to be my sissy maid. I have a vast supply of makeup and I play in a dungeon equipped with a full wardrobe. Alternatively, you may bring your own outfits, or perhaps you’d like to go shopping together. I like to indulge fetishes of all sorts, including balloons, feet, latex, leather, lipstick, shoes, tickling, trampling, velvet, and beyond. I enjoy light humiliation, such as CFNM, objectification, physical humiliation, and SPH. I enjoy creative roleplay, including medical, pony play, religious scenes, and more. I am also available for social time, including dinners, events, and shopping dates. When seeing new clients, I will take a moment before the session begins to go over limits and safe words. Safety and consent are paramount. You may contact me by email at to request a session. Please include the following information: - Name - What you are looking for in a session. - Your experience level. - Your limits - Other Dommes you have seen, if any. - When you are hoping to session - Preferred length of session - Preferred location (incall/ outcall) - How you found me If you are unsure of any of this information, just let me know and answer to the best of your ability. As I receive a high volume of emails, I will not reply to incomplete inquiries. **I am proud to see clients of all genders, orientations, races, religions, and abilities.**

2017 09 25