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Goddess Findora


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Goddess Findora

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Goddess Findora
Goddess Findora
Goddess Findora
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1 year
United Kingdom
Things I like / Mistress Categories
Asian Mistress
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London based strict Asian Goddess and professional dominatrix. Goddess Findora is good at using her beauty, confidence and power to command my submissive slaves. I m naturally borned to be a dominate mistress. I could get my submissive slaves to do whatever I wanted. My boys always say yes to me. You can't resist my beauty and power. Goddess Findora enjoy training and controlling men. You like to worship my beautiful feet. If you misbehave or make mistakes, you will be punished by my whip. Spoiling and worshipping me is your number one priority. My perfection make you feel weak and pathetic. You will get sexual excitement and satisfaction under my control and humiliation. You will always come back to me. You will beg me not to stop. You will be addicted to me. I enjoy financial domination, foot worship, boobs worship, sissy training, chastity training, cuckold, small penis humiliation, face sitting, mind fuck and verbal humiliation.

2019 04 08