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Domina Erotica


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Domina Erotica
Domina Erotica
Domina Erotica
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1 year
Please call me on
Florida, United States
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Mistress of Eroticism, Disciplinarian, Humiliatrix, Fetish Performance Artist & Fetish Model. I am a Versatile Domina of Class, Distinction & Sophistication maneuvering with the experience of unparallel Domination specializing in Attitude Adjustments with alluring control.

Well versed from Sensual & Provocative to Strict & Merciless both with a side order of Seductively Hypnotic Psychological Manipulation. Empowered with over 17 years experience I have been featured throughout the United States and abroad on numerous Fem-Domme Publication and S/M social events for serious players.

Gifted with a wealthy knowledge and understanding of the Psychological and Physical aspects of the S/M B&D Lifestyle. I am 100% Dominant and will not allow any attempts of you topping from the bottom. I am a diabolical Domina of high standards and DO NOT tolerate those who have no self control, common sense or etiquette.

I will only accept true servitude with integrity and you will learn to cater to My needs and earn your rewards as you will experience the most profound and exquisite exploration of your most intense fetishes and submission. Those who have a higher appreciation for sophistication and discretion are best matched to My particular brand of torment and elegance.

So, for you fetishist and also for My own personal passions I have an erotically wonderful array of fetish attire and some custom latex clothing, an eclectic collection of high heeled shoes and boots ranging from 8" to 12" high.

I have deliciously pedicure toes for the foot and toe fetishist, a meticulous and creative imagination for various intense and tantalizing role play scenarios, a wicked desire to control, posses and use My subjects as I see fit, a steady and firm hand and whip for administering discipline and punishment, an expert at full body restriction captivating you in total shibari rope bondage, a rock hard strap on tool for your drilling pleasures, 2" long fingernails to rake your flesh and pinch your nipples, the tying skills of a cowgirl for CBT and prisoner interrogation, a consistent flow of verbal abusement for the needy and deserving for My entertainment and for whatever is clever in everything transported and experience freedom through surrender to Me, wanna play?

2017 06 04