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Domina Electrus


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Domina Electrus
Domina Electrus
Domina Electrus
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4 year 's
, United Kingdom
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Sarah Jane

Cock and ball t**ture, FOOT FETISH TEASE, Dominating little bitch and control freak! Young & sexy, alluring and loves lingerie!! **giving verbal abuse is turn on!!** Seeking pathetic slaves to play with! Respectful subbies will be more than appreciated for sexy cam time! I love CUCKOLD and CFNM and I have a harsh tongue to tease you with about all of your deepest, darkest insecurities! 

I have a 38 E chest and they are busting out whenever I'm on cam!! I'm a buxom beauty and ALL NATURAL! Tattoos, pin up and lingerie is My style and stupid little losers surrounding Me!!

Professional online Dominatrix with feet to die for! CBT that will have you in pain for DAYS, I will leave marks, I will be brutal and I will be unforgiving!! 


Foot tease, My beautiful feet will have your cock dribbling in excitement! Jerk off instruction at the end of your session! I'll count you down and make your hot cum spill out every where!!

HUMILIATION - True humility! I'll make your tiny little clitty so hard that you will almost feel like a man! Then I'll shoot you down! Tie you down! I'll have you crawling around in the dirt before I allow you to cum!! Be a good boy, cum on your face!! 

Small Penis Humiliation! - You want to hear Me tell yow how tiny it is don't you!! I can even have you measure it for Me! My sensual voice will keep you entertained..

SMOKING cam sessions! - Big red lipstick, heavy eye liner, MASSIVE cleavage!! Smoking and talking to you in My sensual voice!!

Worship sessions!! - You absolutely know I am a deity, a Goddess to be worshiped and you will happily kneel in My presence. You will repeat My worship chant over and over until I am pleased. You will make sacrifice of My choice to Me and I will allow you My blessings.

Ignore sessions!! - Ever wanted to be ignored while you wank? Watch a girl paint her toes? While on the phone, talking her girls about you? Or how about just watching a girl talk to other men flirty? Here's where you sign up!!

2017 08 22