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Dom Stone


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Dom Stone

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Dom Stone
Dom Stone
Dom Stone
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1 year
Please call me on
Chicago , United States
To ensure the best deal and priority service from your chosen Mistresses mention theMistressWeb!

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Sessions are Available 10am- Midnight.

I do welcome novices and couples, I have always enjoyed deflowering virgins.

Your age, race, hair count and weight do not concern me as much as your kink does. Tell me those aspects of yourself only if they are pertinent to your role play scene or health. I have equipment designed for everyone and I fantasize about many different types of bodies. I am not fat-phobic…

Call and Leave a Detailed Message for an Appointment



For Extensive Conversations with Mistress Ginger or if you wish to ask me about "special needs"
Call Nite Flirt 1-800-TO-FLIRT ex# 01391769
Call Button

What protocols should I do follow to avoid annoying my Mistress?

1. Email me with a list of your favorite bdsm activities and ones you'd like to try but never have.
Each session is very unique to the individual. If I have not met you I certainly have no idea what limits I can push you to.
2. Include in your message dates and times you are available to session
3. You should call 1 day prior your scheduled session and leave a voicemail confirming the date and time of your session but if you are a hungry eager one on the same day then you may give me 2 hours notice. If you are a no show/no call you will be fined an additional 100 and be required to pay half the session in advance of scheduling.
4. Do not bore me.
5. There is No Sex with the Goddess because it would kill you. Besides, I am not a prostitute!

What kind of sessions does Mistress like?

cbt,nt,at.medical,bondage,corporal punishment,mind control,foot worship,tease and denial.trampling,tickling,giantess,dog training,horse training,baby play,showers,crossdressing,sissy maid training,forced fem,slut training(dildos included)spanking,flogging,hypnosis,both verbal and physical humiliation,role play etc If it is not mentioned on my site just ask..

What I will NOT do:

Sexual Services; I am a Goddess not a prostitute!

Many men worldwide have submissive fantasies and the desire to have an experience with a dominant woman, but not as many women enjoy being dominant. Recently, more women have discovered the joy of female dominance but are not quite confident enough to feel entirely comfortable with domination.

I offer counseling to any anyone who wants to explore dominance and submission, bdsm and fetishes.

Are you a woman who is curious about female dominance? Has your partner told you that he wants to be dominated?

Are you a male novice, not sure whether you should take the step to act your fantasy out with a dominatrix or with a private partner?
Are you a man who has had several experiences with dominant women but cannot find what he is looking for?
Or do you just want to talk to me about your deep secrets?
Bring your favorite toys and outfits along, if you wish!

For counseling, we will meet in person at my place, if you are located in the Chicago Area. I can do counseling on the phone through NiteFlirt, also, if you are living in a different area.

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