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Missouri Missouri
Missouri , United States
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January 7, 2011 Am a Manor was established in 1990, by Mistress Deborah. She created what is now a world class dungeon. Ama Manor resides in a historic house, that was built in 1890, its located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Manor caters exclusively to BDSM and Fetishes. The Manor as we fondly call it; hosts private play parties for the BDSM group, The Unnamed Group. They meet once a month at the Manor. If you are interested in more information about the group, please visit their web site at, for more information about meeting the group and possibly attending a party. Ama Manor has been a passion of Mistress Deborahs from the beginning. Mistress Deborah has created different theme rooms within t...
Mistress Jacqueline Mistress Jacqueline
Mistress Jacqueline
Missouri , United States