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Head Mistress Sapphire Head Mistress Sapphire
Head Mistress Sapphire
chicago, Illinois, United States
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If your want is to bow down to me, to delight in my 15 years as a Mistress, then your submission is all I require. I do not want your games; I am a corporal Ruler that has no time for such disrespect. Whether you come to be my play boy, my little sissy, my masochist or a fetishist to amuse me, your respect is demanded. If you cant follow my guidelines you are best suited for the lesser talented. Whether you desire to live in the world of BDSM, are a novice looking to spice things up, or simply need a place to live in the moment and escape the stress of your corporate life, I have everything here at my side to show you the bliss of submission.
Red Head Mistress