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Domme Bella Domme Bella
Domme Bella
Brighton, United Kingdom
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I am an experienced Professional Dominatrix and I enjoy my work immensely. I am a tall attractive blond with a sexy body.  I stand over six feet tall in my leather outfits and stiletto heels.  You may get the chance to admire me while I dominate you, if I think you deserve the privilege. I strive to make the experience of being in my company as rewarding as possible. I like to explore and push the boundaries of my submissives; this can be  a gentle sensual  type pleasure, as well as an intense painful one;  I cater for all genders, what I mean by “all genders” is Men, Women, Intersex, Transgendered, Third gendered. I cater for all sexualities including asexual.   Being completely yourself and...
Goddess Salvia Goddess Salvia
Goddess Salvia
Brighton, United Kingdom
Mistress Millicent Russell Mistress Millicent Russell
Mistress Millicent Russell
Brighton, United Kingdom