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Mistress J Mistress J
Mistress J
Adelaide, Australia
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So who is Miss Catherine Gail? La Princesse Lointaine of course. Mature; 46 years, and for those to whom it matters, genetically female with a voluptuously trim, and perfectly proportioned natural hourglass figure in the style of the classic 1950s cinematique goddesses. I am innate sensuality combined with rarely matched intelligence and power of will, standing 6 in heels with a serene sense of controlled dominance about Me. As it should be. My first victim fell to Me some 19 years ago; the memory forever seared into his mind. I can only imagine the candle wax on his exposed and tender skin ensured that - not to mention other pleasurable tortures inflicted in concert with My beautiful partner in crime as the opportunity unfolded. Ent...
Mistress Gabrielle Mistress Gabrielle
Mistress Gabrielle
Adelaide , Australia
Mistress Summer Storm Mistress Summer Storm
Mistress Summer Storm
Adelaide, Australia