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Miss Violette Miss Violette
Miss Violette
San Francisco , United States
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“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi What if you could transcend the limitations of ordinary life for a day, for a night, into your own private fairy tale? Here priority is given to pleasure and discovery, sensuality and discipline. This precious realm is protected and controlled by a woman; feminine and powerful. Naturally, she knows your secret self. She has created this wonderland for the two of you to indulge your shared fantasy: the earnest exchange of erotic power and sensory exploration. Inside of you, a growing desire is aroused: the desire to surrender to this dominant woman as she encourages you to let go, to obey, to submit. This desire has brought us together. Knowing my own passions, I invite you t...
Mistress Morgana Mistress Morgana
Mistress Morgana
San Francisco, United States
Ive owned nipple clamps since 1990. It’s perhaps a funny way to measure my interest in kink. I’ve been kinky for longer than this, my earliest erotic proclivities all involved some aspect of female dominance, even if I didn’t understand them as such at the time. But it wasn’t until 1990, my freshman year at Brown University, that I realized my fantasies had names and even accessories. That was the year a group of us piled into a car and drove from Providence, Rhode Island to Waltham, Massachusetts on a pilgrimage to Vernon’s, a cross-dressing boutique that also carried sex toys and a smattering of BDSM gear, where I bought my first pair of nipple clamps. Vernon’s was situated on a stereotypically quaint...
San Francisco, United States
Mistress Anna D Mistress Anna D
Mistress Anna D
San Francisco, United States
Mistress Vixxxen Mistress Vixxxen
Mistress Vixxxen
San Francisco , United States
Ms Jezebel Ms Jezebel
Ms Jezebel
San Francisco , United States
Ms. Tara Sterling Ms. Tara Sterling
Ms. Tara Sterling
San Francisco , United States
Vinyl Queen Vinyl Queen
Vinyl Queen
San Francisco , United States