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MistressSamantha MistressSamantha
New Jersey , United States
Contact Phone
Mistress-Submissive Double Mistress-Submissive Multiple Mistress-Submissive Mistress/Master-Submissive Mistress/Cross Dresser/TS-Submissive Mistress/Submissive (Female or Male)-Submissive I see slaves all over NJ as well to the Tri-State Area (New York City and all 5 Boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Mistress provides a discreet outcall service and comes fully equipped. In-person sessions: Gift is 250 for the hour Note: Some fetishes may have higher gift requirements. * Online (IM) sessions: 1/2 hour 75 1 hour 125 * Web cam sessions : 1/2 hour 125 1 hour 225 * Phone sessions: 15 min 45 1/2 hour 75 1 hour 125 * Must be pre-paid. For guaranteed session time with Mistress Samantha, you...
Mistress Blaze Mistress Blaze
Mistress Blaze
New Jersey , United States
Mistress Cristian Mistress Cristian
Mistress Cristian
New Jersey , United States
Mistress Destiny JCNJUSA Mistress Destiny JCNJUSA
Mistress Destiny JCNJUSA
New Jersey, United States
Domina Rei Domina Rei
Domina Rei
South New Jersey, United States
Mistress Mariah Mistress Mariah
Mistress Mariah
New Jersey , United States
Mistress Nona Domain Mistress Nona Domain
Mistress Nona Domain
New Jersey , United States