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Mistress Abduction Mistress Abduction
Mistress Abduction
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
She exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasize, she does. She lives a life where nothing is beyond her. But it’s all a facade. What she shows to the World is what she wants us to see nothing more nothing less. She’s a driven, unflinching, calculating machine. She takes what she wants, when she wants and disappears. If you ever get the chance to come across the Dangerous Lady it will be an experience you shall never forget, time with her will be a beautiful nightmare inside  your mind forever.
Mistress Foxx Mistress Foxx
Mistress Foxx
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am Manchester Mistress Foxx, a Manchester based Dominatrix. My reasons for being a Domme are quite simple - I enjoy the control, I get off on the power I hold over your mind and body and relish in the moments of pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain, over and over again. Simple and to the point.I am a lifestyle Manchester Mistress both vibrant in appearance & presence but don’t be fooled by my bright exterior, inside there is a dark seductive Mistress who lurkes within. You will find Me at many events throughout the North West particularly Manchester, if you can’t see Me, just ask someone, I’m sure they will point Me out to you.I consider myself unique in my style of Domination. I command with a smile. I enjoy myself. I enjoy your...
Headmistress Cane Headmistress Cane
Headmistress Cane
Manchester, United Kingdom
Adult Baby Minding
Anal Play
Ass Worship
Fetish (giving)
Body Worship
Cross Dressing
Face Sitting
Role Play & Fantasy
Strap On
Tie & Tease
Fetish Mistress
Blonde Mistress
Busty Mistress
Mature Mistress (40+)
Boot Fetish
Candle Play/Hot Wax Play
CP (Corporal Punishment)
Face Slapping
High Heel Worship
Ice Torture
Leg Worshiping
Maid training
Masturbation Training
Orgasm Control
Orgasm Denial
Prostate Massage
Mistress Zita Mistress Zita
Mistress Zita
Manchester, United Kingdom
Red Head Mistress
BBW Mistress
TV Mistress Jemma TV Mistress Jemma
TV Mistress Jemma
Manchester, United Kingdom
Domina K Manchester Domina K Manchester
Domina K Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
Miss Kitty. Domme Miss Kitty. Domme
Miss Kitty. Domme
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Elise James Mistress Elise James
Mistress Elise James
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Lola Mistress Lola
Mistress Lola
Manchester, United Kingdom
Mistress Scorpio Mistress Scorpio
Mistress Scorpio
Manchester, United Kingdom