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Mistress Alexis Banks Mistress Alexis Banks
Mistress Alexis Banks
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Beautiful Young Sadistic, English Domina Real-Time Sessions Based in London W4 N1 However youve played out your fantasy in your head it will always be better with me in charge. you will instantly be addicted to my perfect body and as I cast my spell over you, you will be completely hooked - forever my slave, doing anything I desire, your body and mind will be forever mine. Do not let my sweet voice and cute looks fool you. You will not hesitate when I speak - you will obey my every command. I own you. You are mine. I am an expert Domme, instantly, instinctively noticing slaves limits - I cater for all levels and am skilled in all forms of domination and cater for novices, to hardened masochists. I was trained for years by an...
Mistress Demonic Mistress Demonic
Mistress Demonic
Northfleet, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am not your average Dominatrix. I have a wicked sense of humour, a caring approach and a lust for life. I genuinely enjoy what I do - and I am told by many that you can tell.  I am imaginative and do not work from a script,  but to you, the individual. I will respect your limits and provide you with a safe word that will unquestionably be respected, but I will of course encourage you to go that little bit further. At times I may want you to endure things that prove your loyalty to me. You are welcome to bring any outfit you wish to wear, or any toy you wish me to use on you as long as I am informed beforehand. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I am a very good listener and very broadminded, I will let you know if what you a...
Mistress Jean Mistress Jean
Mistress Jean
Shanghai , China
Contact Phone
My name is mistress Jean,I am an Chinese Dominatrix. I am a lifestyle dominant Female in Shanghai. I love being a Dominant Asian Female. I like beautiful slave and gentleman slave.
Mistress KIM Mistress KIM
Mistress KIM
Bangkok , Thailand
Contact Phone
Hi everyone ... My professional dominatrix with lifestyle experiences built up most of my adult life. I am passionately dominant and thrive on being in a position of control over another. I revel in the power exchange, being rewarded by the diverse possibilities a BDSM relationship allows two consenting adults. Im Mistress Kim a beautiful female Dominant / Mistress Exclusive Bangkok Thailand ... Always looking for new Slaves ... Masochists ... Submissive and Curious too.... My Door is Open to both Man and Women ... Couples are welcome too....I’m always dressed impeccably to thrill, enthral and mesmerize my slaves. My latex, leather, fine lingerie and exquisite hosiery are accessorised by glamorous shoes or boots - some feminine, so...
Mistress Noblesse Mistress Noblesse
Mistress Noblesse
Belgium , Belgium
Contact Phone
The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us Dominatrix Noblesse of the Rich World aka Miss Professor Barbie Brown I offer a special BDSM Booking service for slaves in Europe, Asia and all over the World. i have a lots of mobile state of the art equipment and toys in my luggage. On demand, Bisexual young woman and men available for sessions. Male, female, couple, gay, lesbian, straight and trans are all welcome. I am passionate about breaking down your boundaries in luxury locations and BDSM studios. Also available weekend BDSM Booking! Clinic Sex BDSM Fetish Bondage Sex Toys Mistress Emergency Escort Branding Needli...
Mistress Servalan Mistress Servalan
Mistress Servalan
Sydney , Australia
Contact Phone
Experienced, decadent and highly skilled, I’ve dominated slaves on four continents and played alongside the world’s most respected ProDommes from New York, London, Tokyo and LA. Very experienced - I specialize in a wide variety of BDSM activities. I’m well known as someone who plays safely at the heavy to extreme end of the spectrum – yet I also regularly session with complete novices… don’t feel you have to like everything on my list to be of interest – as long as we have one or two things in common! The genuine desire to submit is what entices me the most… Every person has their own limits – I respect yours and expect that you’ll respect mine – I do *not* provide swit...
Cross Dressing
Needle Play
Boot Fetish
Cages & Caging
CP (Corporal Punishment)
High Heel Worship
Maid training
Mistress Treasure Mistress Treasure
Mistress Treasure
Los Angeles, United States
Contact Phone
Modern technology offers many ways for you not to miss out ME.. That s right you read right ME!!! It s why you re here so, now you can stay connected, communicate, and be informed on the ins and outs of my life, upcoming events and travels, latest video and/photo posting or shoots and just about anything else I can think off with that said your just a CLICK way.. You ve arrived to the right page for finding out more about the services that I provide. I m am your ultimate fantasy. Lifestyle Ebony, Athletic and of course Curvacious Dominatrix. And you can meet me to make your fantasy come true. But Note: I am NOT an escort, nor I do I provide any services which could be considered as such. Click on the links below to fins out mor...
Mistress Medusa Mistress Medusa
Mistress Medusa
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Welcome potential slaves I am Mistress Medusa of Hertfordshire in the UK I am a skilled dominatrix in the art of female domination, domination is a vocation for me as i never feel like i am working as i truly enjoy what i do. I dont believe a raised voice is necessary as i have my own unique way of getting the result i require. I will use my eyes more than i will raise my voice. As every one is an individual in their needs and desires, i like to tailor each scenario accordingly. i get great pleasure from the connection i make with a submissive or slave when i engage them in a session. Maybe you are a first timer seeking an experienced yet understanding mistress to gently introduce the wonders of the fetish world, or an experienced subm...
Maitresse Shanna Maitresse Shanna
Maitresse Shanna
Toulouse , France
Contact Phone
Ma passion est la Domination, je cultive lArt du SM avec des soumis sachant se livrer dans la complicit et le respect, honors de passer entre mes mains pour tre supplicis et bafous au gr de mes pulsions ...... Avec raffinement et discrtion, je vous reois afin de satisfaire votre qute de soumission ........ Sous diffrents aspects, vous me retrouverez, soit de cuir barde, de vinyl sublime, ou en tailleur Bcbg, ..... Soyez un bon partenaire, et je serai imaginative!.. Sinon ! punitions sous ma frule comme ... au bagne de Cayenne. Lady Shanna De cuir, de vinyl, de dentelle vous me verrez pare Dans sa cage vètu de latex et menott, Lucas..... ... illumine le donjon de sa maîtresse Comble...
Miss Erica Kent Miss Erica Kent
Miss Erica Kent
Ohio , United States
Contact Phone
On your first visit, you will be required to do an Introductory Interview with Me. This is a 20-30 minute chit chat to get acquainted and discuss specifics before we begin our play time. The next time you visit, we dont have the introductory time, we just have our session time. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Telephone Visits: $3/min (visa/mc/paypal or prepay) Panties, Personal Items, DVDs **************** The ONLY Gift Cards Accepted Are: Speedway, BP, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart or Target. Come visit soon. Miss Erica Kent PO Box 6212 Columbus OH 43206 Email: Forced Feminization Sissy Play French Maid Serving Slut Training Humiliation - Verbal and Physical Cross-Dressing Fantasies Spanking * Paddling * Spanking...