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Goddess Nora Marinelli Goddess Nora Marinelli
Goddess Nora Marinelli
Vienna, Austria
Contact Phone
I am based in Vienna & Ulm/Germany but i travel a few times a year to London, Dubai, Irland & Hamburg!!     Exceptional First Class Domination (from best home - self-confident in), winding Fetish Diva, with style, class and level for high performance. Fascinating authentic and charming at the same time, an unapproachable beauty will bring the devoted admirer and gentleman with boundless imagination, passion for captivating moments, playing out of his mind. I have been practicing BDSM highest quality for demanding connoisseurs and fetish lover and I offer my guests quality SM sessions and fetishes of all kinds. Beginners are very welcome. I am...
Anal Play
Fetish (giving)
Fetish (receiving)
Being Filmed
Breath Control
Cross Dressing
Face Sitting
Foot Worship
Hardsports (Giving)
Key Holding
Needle Play
Role Play & Fantasy
Strap On
Sub Games
Tie & Tease
Toilet Training
TV Dressing
Red Head Mistress
Fetish Mistress
Busty Mistress
Boot Fetish
Cages & Caging
Candle Play/Hot Wax Play
CP (Corporal Punishment)
Face Slapping
Financial Servitude
Food Play
Group Scenes/Parties
High Heel Worship
Human Ashtray
Human Furniture
Ice Torture
Leg Worshiping
Maid training
Masturbation Training
Orgasm Control
Orgasm Denial
Outdoor Play
Prostate Massage
Rubber Fetish
Shopping (Personal Shopper)
Goddess Dionne Goddess Dionne
Goddess Dionne
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I understand your submissive desires. You yearn to be at the feet of a Goddess, to be given a chance to please and serve a Supreme Female Deity. But, its not as easy as you simply wanting something and then getting it. You must be worth the time and space of a non-compromising, strict Goddess such as I. a I expect nothing but the absolute best and anything less will simply not be tolerated. Take a look as you can see from the pictures on My website, I am an Amazonian Queen. I stand at 5 9 with My bare feet and I use My power and strength effectively to get what I want. Understand this and take heed. This is all about Me and My wants. My Dominant nature isnt an act or a front for your fantasies, to be turned on or off. I am what I am and...
Goddess Ananda Goddess Ananda
Goddess Ananda
United Kingdom
Contact Phone
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} Having 5 years professional experience as a Mistress, I have come to realise that healing and emotional release is what most BDSM clients are looking for. My sessions involve REIKI energy/ CRYSTAL healing work as well as meditative bondage/ light domination. I advocate spiritual/ conscious touch. REIKI is a natural way of balancing. It does not damage, does not interfere, does not leave marks either! It is a subtle energy work with the human chakras.  I also do distant REIKI healing sessions.    INCALLS & OUTCALLS are available.
Goddess Obey Goddess Obey
Goddess Obey
United States
Contact Phone
I have NO interest in any personal relationships. Not seeking romance. No flings. No long term relationships. I dont want your mouth on me. Dont want to see your cock. Dont even want to hear about it. You are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world. I have no trust in you, or anyone else for that matter. And you can thank several humans for that.So, before we go any further, unless youre a piggy squealing to serve, the answer is NO.Yes Im a hopeless romantic. My thigh tattoos are a constant reminder. Keyword : slaves only . No exceptions, I do not care how cute you are. Im not looking to play. Im looking for a relationship with you AND your wallet. I want to be worshipped. I will be worshipped.I am NOT a prodomme....
Goddess Bossy Goddess Bossy
Goddess Bossy
Miami, United States
Contact Phone
I am Goddess Bossy, but you can call me Miss.B I am the modern day Femme Fatale. Naturally Dominant Sadistic in my vanilla life since the youngest age of 7yrs old. As a young girl at home, I manipulated blackmailed my older brothers into completing my domestic chores. As a schoolgirl, I intimated boys to buy me snacks or save my seat on the school bus. In high school, I had all the boys wrapped around my finger. My passion is photography, therefore I began to model professionally at 18yrs old - as an urban, nude fetish model. I stand 59 barefoot and my shoe size is  11. My heritage is mixed with Hispanic middle eastern but I am born raised in Florida, USA. My introduction to the Pro BDSM lifestyle was by meeting many...
Goddess Genevieve Goddess Genevieve
Goddess Genevieve
Chicago , United States
Contact Phone
Mistress of The Game Introduces the Ultimate Thought Reform Program for Submissive Males The tactics of my thought reform program are organized to destabilize a submissive sense of self by having him drastically reinterpret his fantasy life, radically alter his view of self, accept a new version of reality and causality as prescribed by me, thereby being turned into a deployable agent of the Goddess. The following activities can be applied in light to very liberal doses, separately or in conjunction with other activities. Hypnotic Induced Trance C.H.T. Exquisite Role Play Intricate Bondage: individually or with a female submissive. Rope, Leather, and Straight Jacket Spanking ( OTK ) or numerous other positions, mild to...
Goddess Sophia Goddess Sophia
Goddess Sophia
East London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
"A beauty that effortlessly commands slavery, complete devotion and total obedience, Sophia, the most dazzling incarnation of the eternal Goddess.    To meet Her is to experience an invasion of shock and awe - you will never recover; nothing will be the same again; there is only surrender, a desperate need to please Her and devote your life to Her as a living sacrifice.    In Her exquisite eyes you will see where dreams become reality; beneath Her perfect feet you will touch your future; all fantasy comes true in the flow of Her sublime limbs and the enchantment of Her voice. She is the destination of the slave's searching quest, the beginning and the end, the hell and the heaven, salvation and...
Goddess Zeena Goddess Zeena
Goddess Zeena
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Hello slaves, subs,sissies and pain sluts. My names Goddess Zeena and am a lifestyle amazon goddess who offers private sessions in my fully equipped in London and Barnet dungeon with enough equipment to blow the mind and leave you shaking with fear before I even touch you. .and for proven slaves in my domestic apartment in Hertfordshire. Standing at 6 foot 2 in my high heels I will tower over any potential slave who dares to enter my dungeon. I get asked many times how I became a dominatrix and the honest answer is its something that has been inside me from an early age. When I was in my early teens I found it very easy to manipulate the boys in my class at school to get what I wanted and I have developed that skill over the years to becom...
Goddess Emma Love Goddess Emma Love
Goddess Emma Love
United States
Gadea Gadea