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Interview With Mistress Emma Den Haag

August 01, 2017
Mistress Emma Den Haag
Mistress Emma Den Haag of Netherlands was kind enough to conduct an Interview with theMistressWeb. We thank her for her frankness and time.
Question: Could you tell theMistressWeb readers how you first became interested in Domination?
Mistress Emma Den Haag: I am a very dominant lady. I like to control to feel my power against the man, to feel that he is ready to do anything and everything for me, so I started it as a game. This was a game for me, for my own pleasure, and with the time I figured that I am really good at it and I want to do it professionally
Question: Would you say that you are naturally a Dominant Person in your everyday to day life?
Mistress Emma Den Haag: I can say that for sure for myself. This is my nature!
Question: Do you have a favourite scenario?
Mistress Emma Den Haag: I like to play a different kind of games, so I don't really have a plan what exactly I will do with the slave till he comes. It depends on my mood at the moment, also from the slave. I can offer a lot from very soft till extremely hard BDSM
Question: Would you say that you have a wide range of clothing in your wardrobe of fetish attire?
Mistress Emma Den Haag: I always wear dark clothes - latex or leather and very high heels. This kind of clothes matches the best of my personality