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We are the FIRST in the mistress industry who has a very comprehensive geo location based app so when users are out and about they can still find you using their app on their smart phone or tablet.

theMistressWeb International Portal is one of the biggest in the world, and is growing constantly. When we list you in the Portal, our aim is to send as many visitors to your site as possible. We also try and optimise your link to improve your search engine ranking. We therefore politely ask you to respect our listing guidelines below. If you do not get listed with us it almost certainly means you have not followed these guidelines.

If you are not a mistress and would like someone to be featured on this site then you can invite them.

theMistressWeb Listing Guidelines:
  • You must be a genuine Mistress who does not advertise sexual services. This is a Portal for Mistresses, not an escort directory. If you are an Escort please register at our alternative Portal
  • Please Note – If your subscription expires and if you do not renew your subscription, your Profile Page and your Sub-domain and related webpages will become in-active. However, renewing your subscription will re-activate your Profile and Sub-domain.
  • Your website should use a top level domain. Examples: or
  • Your website should advertise your in-person domination service and should not exclusively advertise distance training, financial servitude, etc. It's perfectly OK to advertise distance training etc., as long as you also provide in-person domination.
  • Please add our small banner to your home page. The banner must be visible, not hidden some way below the text on the page.
  • Please add our large banner to your links page, within the top 3 banners, not buried in a long list of banners. Click here to go to the banner page.

If you have questions, you can e-mail us at:

All lower case please.
Most importantly a day time contact phone number.
(Upload GIF, JPG, BMP, etc from your computer.)

Warning: images must be less than 2048 KB in size.

(If your photos are already online, please include the links in the "about yourself" text form above.)
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