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Mistress Sadie of London Mistress Sadie of London
Mistress Sadie of London
United Kingdom
A cruel adventuress wishes to take you to the depths of the darkest desire – do not deny either of us. Consider me a true English Domme who loves nothing more than a sub at her heel, in her shadow and ultimately under her control. Let the games begin, why don’t you?
Mistress Saphire Mistress Saphire
Mistress Saphire
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Rope Bondage, restraints Body bags CBT (mild to extreme) Ballbusting Breath play Corporal punishment Whipping, caning, flogging, spanking Trampling Domination Needle play Anal stretching Fisting Strap on training Electrics Smothering Sounds Watersports Sensory deprevation Foot / boot worship Body / tattoo worship Interrogation Role play scenarios Suspension Medical play Tie and tease Hot wax Sutures
Mistress Saskia Mistress Saskia
Mistress Saskia
Melbourne , Australia
Contact Phone
Welcome to my site. I am highly experienced Mistress who likes the unusual taboo. Stunning and sophisticated! Mistress Saskia is 59 in stockinged feet, 63 in patent heels.Naturally Dominant Her long raven-black hair,glaring green eyes and feline-like composure demands any slave fall to his/her knees in shaking submission instantly. Pity the slave who stubbornly and selfishly trys to hold its will. You will be broken. Your pain is truly Her pleasure! Mistress Saskia has been involved with BDSM for quite a number of years. Enjoying the art on a personal level long before training on a more professional level in 1996 at the Correction Centre In Melbourne, Australia, Victorias most prominant and professional dungeon. At the hand of Madame M...
Mistress Tia Mistress Tia
Mistress Tia
Derby, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Mistress Tia specializes in many areas of domination including CP, role play, tie & tease, feminisation and the harder and softer types of domination. Many of you know our goddess, but for those havent had the pleasure of serving her yet, Mistress Tia is a very experienced domme with a strong belief in female power. Our goddess welcomes male, female, experienced and novice slaves for sessions and training. Although Mistress will not be filming for her own site she will be available to film for other websites. Call her on 07554 628260.
Princess Kylie Rose Princess Kylie Rose
Princess Kylie Rose
San Diego, United States
I am new to the San Diego bdsm scene, though I have been curious about it for many years. I enjoy doing adult work entertainment, and eventually Id like to be a sexuality educator. My Domme persona came from the part of me that I constantly repress--I was taught to be agreeable, compliant and lady-like. Bringing out the Princess in me has taught me how to be assertive and tell others what I do and do not want, both in and out of the bedroom! I am enjoying my experiences as I learn grow into this dominant, confident role.
Princess Lynne Princess Lynne
Princess Lynne
Maryland , United States
Contact Phone
I am the real thing. Hi! Im Princess Lynne, an experienced, lifestyle, professional dominatrix in Baltimore, Maryland. I offer: In-person sessions Telephone training Personal items and fantasy CDs Singletail Princess Lynne steps on a pet Shall I step on him? Contact Me: By phone: 410 719-1566 Call Me 9 AM till 8 PM EST By e-mail: My Dungeon: Convenient to BWI airport and the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Im located in a safe, discrete, up-scale neighborhood with good parking. My dungeon is nicely equipped and I have lots of marvelous toys. Lavender singletail Ray18.jpg (77443 bytes) A Few of My Favorite Things: Spanking, whipping Flogging Caning Nipple torture Spy Interrogation C...
Queen Christine Queen Christine
Im Queen Christine.Im strong,experienced,intelligent,truly beautiful, well-kept and creative
RaunchyRaven2U RaunchyRaven2U
United States
Contact Phone
  PHONE SEX ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA     Behind Every Strong Male Is A Stronger Female Are You Ready to Release Yourself to Me? Giving Your Inner Most Sexual Being to Me? Holding Nothing Back? Dare To Compare ~ My Name Is Raven My Alluring Sultry Voice Will Linger In Your Mind and Captivate You To Obey My Every Word. Expect the Unexpected When You Experience My Ultimate Reign of Pleasure. My Temptress Looks Will Draw You In and My Sensuous Seductive Personality Keep You Coming Back For More.  Cum Play With Me Now - PHONE SEX ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA   <~~~~~~~~~~~ WEB SPECIALS I'm Open Minded To Anything ~...
Brunette Mistress
The Mistress Lauren The Mistress Lauren
The Mistress Lauren
New York , United States
Contact Phone
We were in graduate school at the time and it was Christmas break. My boyfriend and I headed for sunny South Beach; far from the cold wintery north. I squinted to re-evaluate the man who cleaned My dishes, did My laundry and prepared My dinner every evening! As if that were not enough (and it was not!), I instructed him to pack My luggage while I stretched out on the bed and watched TV! I entered the world of BDSM and Fetish quite unexpectedly... After what felt like an eternity, I smiled at the love of My life, and said put them on, while gesturing towards the cause of My discomfort. Do I have to? he whined. Tossing My stockings at him (which landed on his head), I added and put on My stockings so you dont wreck My n...
Lady Bellatrix Lady Bellatrix
Lady Bellatrix
West London, Paris, France
Fetish Mistress
Slim Mistress