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Mistress Ace Mistress Ace
Mistress Ace
London , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Mistress Ace is awaiting you at her London Dungeon. She is a London Mistress of Mistresses, a Goddess who lives in the elite world as a London Dominatrix. Mistresses like Mistress Ace are Sensuous, yet Cruel, Seductive and Sadistic within her Cimmerian Rich Realm for pain and pleasure, for all you little sluts and slaves and sissy boys. By moving forward into this website and to see and read about London Mistress Ace you are confirming youre 18 years and older (21 in some jurisdictions,) you are choosing to be exposed to explicit images. The encumbrance is on you to abide by all lawful regulations regarding adult material and your proactive choice takes all responsibility of any personal repercussions, from all exposure to this P...
Mistress Adara Mistress Adara
Mistress Adara
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am happy to deal with all genuine submissives, from the total novice to the most experienced, single males, females. I am also very understanding and welcoming of TVs, Trans Gender and Sissies. I always respect limits but expect the submissive to endeavour to please Me by expanding those limits. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance to Me. I am polite and courteous and expect the same level of civility to be shown towards Me. I always maintain personal privacy and assure you of discretion. Throughout your time with Me, you will be able to relax into My safe and experienced care. Please, read the whole of My brief website and especially My Contact Rules prior to contacting Me. Vital Statistics *Nationality British A...
Mistress Crimson Manchester Mistress Crimson Manchester
Mistress Crimson Manchester
Machester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Sultry Red-headed Mistress. Tall, Slim, Sexy, Educated English Dominatrix.   Sultry Red-headed Manchester Mistress. Tall, Sexy, Slim, Educated English Dominatrix.   Naturally Dominant, intelligent, cultured and well educated, with a passion for tormenting subbies, slaves, sissies, sluts, puppies and all manner of perverts. Sadistically sensuous, whip smart and mercurial, with a wicked sense of humour. With ten years experience in the lifestyle both privately and publicly, I have found I am creative and imaginative. BDSM is a major part of my life, this is the norm for me. My personality is inherently dominant. I enjoy having control over a submissive, I like to make them squirm, beg, plead and shake. I...
Mistress Fire Mistress Fire
Mistress Fire
Pennsylvania , United States
Contact Phone
I am a Mistress Fire Starter, professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress, currently residing in NYC, NY. I am known for going from regal, poised domina to cold, smiling bitch in .5 secs, I do not and will not tolerate insolence of any form. you will show Me respect or I will show you the door. Even though I am not a money domme I do require you show your devotion through tributes. Standing at 54 barefoot, 62 in My highest heels, and weighing in at 130 lbs; I am a paralyzing vision of immaculate beauty. My sensual hourglass figure will cause you to dribble in all of the right places. My delicious size 8.5s will also do their part in reminding you why you belong beneath Me and My royal feet. Foot lovers beware, My toes have caused m...
Mistress Gaia Mistress Gaia
Mistress Gaia
Rome , Italy
Contact Phone
I am a Mistress, I live my life as a Prodomme. m a Goddess to be worshipped and served. m Italian, 23 years old, gorgeous and I know my role in life. I live an extreme D/s 24/7 relationship with my personal slave. He has a heavy collar that ties him to my will. On him I experiment and test all my most perverse practices. Now m here to give you pain for my pleasure, to take what I want and to leave you what you deserve. As you enter my dungeon you will lower your eyes and humbly kneel to me feet. You will forget what you are and what you want. You will suffer but you cant stop wanting it. Youll beg me to stop but in the deep of your soul you want your suffering to last forever. I do NOT offer sex, but control, pain and humiliation. I will l...
Mistress Iona Mistress Iona
Mistress Iona
Glasgow , Scotland
Contact Phone
I am going taking sessions Aberdeen City Centre on Monday and Tuesday of next week (29th 30th April 2013) I will be doing Double Domme with Miss Ryer solo sessions I am now taking bookings My earliest fantasies involved being tied to a tree to be disciplined and ravished..... and from there, I gradually moved into the role of a non-professional submissive. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to experience the thrill of being in control for myself – and once I sampled the heady delights of Domination, I knew I had found my natural profession. I adore the surge of arousal and sense of power which comes with my ability to subdue, punish and torture my submissives into a state of adoring worship. And although I am r...
Mistress Jezabel Mistress Jezabel
Mistress Jezabel
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
My Dominion over you was foretold thousands of years ago: And the men of the City, even its elders and nobles, did what Jezabel instructed them to do. (1 Kings 21:11) When you are permitted to enter My world of sensual sadism there is one quality which you will require above all else unquestioning obedience and devotion to Me. But do not be under any illusions about what to expect, I am a lifestyle Domme who has a passion for BDSM and stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to become My slaves. Power over men runs through My veins and has been nurtured by the strong women who have surrounded Me throughout My life, it is as natural to Me as breathing. When You enter My world be it in one of My regular London dunge...
Mistress Scarlett Black Mistress Scarlett Black
Mistress Scarlett Black
Leicester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am Mistress Scarlett Black   Leicester's Premier Dominatrix / Fetishist   Fetish fantasy Roleplay   With over 17year's Experience   Enthusiastic - Enticing - Erotic  Sensual - Sadistic   I provide a varied range of Activities   Ranging from soft and sensual 'Tie n tease to Judicial correction   I enjoy :   Spanking,OTK,Nipple torture,CBT, CP correction(of all kinds) Boot-foot-and leg worship.Electrics. Watersports,Ballbusting,Anal Play,Prostrate Massage,Tickle torture, Bondage, Interrogation.Forced fem. Domination/humiliation/Degradation in all forms . Bi session availalble Fridays  ...
Mistress Shy Mistress Shy
Mistress Shy
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
This is a question, which needs resolving before you visit Mistress Shy. You must ask yourself what it is you hope to get from a session with Mistress Shy. Deep down, do you think that if you are paying Mistress Shy, then she must do exactly as you want? If that is so, you are Wrong You may as well look elsewhere. I enjoy being Dominant and being in control. That is a simple and given fact. I do not want detailed scripts of how you think a session should be, or of what you expect to happen in a session. You may make polite enquiries, to see if I am interested in certain things, and I may consider them if they are of interest to Me But Remember it will be Mistress, who chooses what will or will not happen. Seeing Me Enjoying Myself...
Ii am a petite 5′ 1” dominatrix, who is very sensual and also sadistic. I have had experience in BDSM for over 20 years. I am in my late 30′s and I have an hourglass figure with 36G cup size! I’ve been a Pro Domme for nearly 2 years now. I’m highly educated, articulate and well spoken plus I have done 3 degrees relating to the medical profession. I have always been highly assertive as it comes naturally to me. I know my own mind and have great tenacity when it comes to getting what I want in all areas of life. I’m a dominatrix that may seem to have a sweet exterior – but don’t be fooled as I can be extremely sadistic! I can be very extreme or very sensual. I am a mature professional...