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Domina Elle Domina Elle
Domina Elle
Colorado , United States
Contact Phone
I am a play facilitator, a Dominant Surrogate: a Dominatrix! I specialize in bdsm and fetish domination services. My services include bondage and discipline sessions, counseling in regard to bdsm & fetish as well as a wide range of human sexuality topics, sharing various resources pertaining to bdsm & fetish and human sexuality, resources and information regarding maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle, couples guidance and the introduction of bdsm activities to your mates or partners. I take great pleasure in sharing information and experiences pertaining to the bdsm & fetish lifestyle with novices as well as people who have enjoyed bdsm for many years. After the initial phone interview, your exploration begins with...
Herrin Blackdiamoond Herrin Blackdiamoond
Herrin Blackdiamoond
Berlin, Germany
Fr den devoten, submissiven Herrn gebe ich im Dominastudio die harte, authentische und konsequente Herrin ber Lust und Leid. Mein majesttischer Blick der selbstbewuten Vollblutfrau mit der herausfordernden Haltung spricht Bnde und Neulinge werden natrlich einfhlsam in die neue BDSM- und Fetischwelt eingefhrt. Nicht umsonst bezeichne ich mich als sinnliche sexy kleine Wildkatze und bin eine absolut intelligente und dezente Gesprchspartnerin. Charme, Phantasie und Dominanz, verpackt in eine usserst reizvolle attraktive Lady - das wird DU so schnell nicht vergessen.EINZIGARTIG
Lady Satine Lady Satine
Lady Satine
Midlands , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I was born at a very early age! I have , in My life since then, experienced just about every strange and unusual request. Some of which I has granted, some of which have given Me nightmares! So never fear if you consider your needs to be different or odd, it is unlikely that no one else has ever asked for them. I has been involved in the scene, both in lifestyle and in play, for some years now, My philosophy is simple. I believe that only with a good understanding between Mistress and slave can a satisfactory session take place. That is the reason why I will always talk, out of scene, before I enter a session. But rest assured once we enter My world then you will be MINE. I am in My 20s, slim, 5ft5 in My stockinged feet (just thi...
London Mistress Evilyne London Mistress Evilyne
London Mistress Evilyne
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Highly intelligent, educated and cultured, Mistress Evilyne is the upper class English rose that you have dreamt of but never believed could exist. A graceful and well spoken Lady, of youthful and chaste looks, She hides beneath this demeanour a most cunning and mischievous wickedness. This FemDom practitioner is an artist and takes much delight in the spontaneous and creative approach to BDSM. Whether you be submissive or masochist, Mistress Evilyne will put to use Her superior understanding of the male psyche to dig into your deepest desires and unearth your fetishist core. This stylish and talented Mistress will artfully push you to your limits, whether it be in servitude, humiliation, endurance or pleasure. Using gentle encouragemen...
Miss Mighty Miss Mighty
Miss Mighty
London , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Hello and welcome to my world of powerful Female Domination. I am Miss Mighty, a very curvy, powerful and strong Dominatrix, based in London. I have over 6 years of experience on the London Fetish Scene. I have been on both end of BDSM hence I have a good understanding of both dominants and submissives. You don't even need to be sumissive male or female to see me just a bit kinky. Study my website and get in touch with me for a fun and memorable session that will make you want more... I offer consensual professional domination. I enjoy all aspects of BDSM and have developed a particular interest in: •Bondage and restraints (leather, rubber, chains, ropes etc) •Mental and Physical Domination, Overpowering &bu...
Mistress Carly Castille Mistress Carly Castille
Mistress Carly Castille
Milwaukee , United States
Contact Phone
I am based in Milwaukee, but travel often to Chicago and New Jersey. Join my yahoo group for discussions and travel info. You can reach me by email or by phone. I do not accept phone calls from blocked or private numbers. I do not engage in any form of prostitution, nudity, escort or massage. If you have met a Dominatrix who has done these things in past, she is not a real professional dominatrix; just an escort playing dress-up. Sessions….. Hello Pets! I have been a professional Dominatrix for over six years and enjoy the BDSM and fetish scene very much in my personal life as well as professional. I have a BA in psychology and know how to get into all those freaky, nasty little corners of your mind and exploit them for my own...
Mistress Cynthia Stone Mistress Cynthia Stone
Mistress Cynthia Stone
Los Angeles, United States
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RESPECT IS NOT A RIGHT: IT HAS TO BE EARNED With wicked eyes, and a kind smile, Mistress Stone will help you reach levels of subspace your mind and body didnt know were possible. A lifestyle Mistress with 10 years of professional experience she doesnt play games, she plays for keeps. If you behave, you may come along on the journey. Height: 510 Dress: US 6 Measurements: 36-29-38 Shoe Size: 11 Hair: Natural Honey Blonde Eye: Blue Gold
Mistress Imperia Mistress Imperia
Mistress Imperia
London, United Kingdom
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I am an elegant, well-spoken fetish mistress from Germany. I am based in London, but travel to Munich and Zurich on a regular basis. My passions include role play scenarios (teacher/pupil, seductive female boss/male employee, stepmother/stepson etc), sexual seduction and domination, bottom worship and slave training, face slapping and punishment for lazy or unfocussed submissives, and erotic tie, tease and denial.
Mistress Iona Mistress Iona
Mistress Iona
Glasgow , Scotland
Contact Phone
I am going taking sessions Aberdeen City Centre on Monday and Tuesday of next week (29th 30th April 2013) I will be doing Double Domme with Miss Ryer solo sessions I am now taking bookings My earliest fantasies involved being tied to a tree to be disciplined and ravished..... and from there, I gradually moved into the role of a non-professional submissive. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to experience the thrill of being in control for myself – and once I sampled the heady delights of Domination, I knew I had found my natural profession. I adore the surge of arousal and sense of power which comes with my ability to subdue, punish and torture my submissives into a state of adoring worship. And although I am r...
Mistress KIM Mistress KIM
Mistress KIM
Bangkok , Thailand
Contact Phone
Hi everyone ... My professional dominatrix with lifestyle experiences built up most of my adult life. I am passionately dominant and thrive on being in a position of control over another. I revel in the power exchange, being rewarded by the diverse possibilities a BDSM relationship allows two consenting adults. Im Mistress Kim a beautiful female Dominant / Mistress Exclusive Bangkok Thailand ... Always looking for new Slaves ... Masochists ... Submissive and Curious too.... My Door is Open to both Man and Women ... Couples are welcome too....I’m always dressed impeccably to thrill, enthral and mesmerize my slaves. My latex, leather, fine lingerie and exquisite hosiery are accessorised by glamorous shoes or boots - some feminine, so...