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Mistress Jezabel Mistress Jezabel
Mistress Jezabel
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
My Dominion over you was foretold thousands of years ago: And the men of the City, even its elders and nobles, did what Jezabel instructed them to do. (1 Kings 21:11) When you are permitted to enter My world of sensual sadism there is one quality which you will require above all else unquestioning obedience and devotion to Me. But do not be under any illusions about what to expect, I am a lifestyle Domme who has a passion for BDSM and stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to become My slaves. Power over men runs through My veins and has been nurtured by the strong women who have surrounded Me throughout My life, it is as natural to Me as breathing. When You enter My world be it in one of My regular London dunge...
Mistress Zita Mistress Zita
Mistress Zita
Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I  am Mistress Zita - Mistress of sensuality. Calm, intelligent, enigmatic and a natural domina with old school values. Available 7 days a week between 12pm - 10pm on: 07849 223711 For both in person and online domination.
Red Head Mistress
BBW Mistress
EVA Mistress EVA Mistress
EVA Mistress
Genoa , Italy
Contact Phone
Travestimenti Phissing - pioggia dorata Fetish Sodomizzazione Fist Addestramento principianti - Scolaro - Cagnolino - Zia - Umiliazione Travestimento e femminizzazione Dominazione con calci nelle palle Giochi infermieristici Giochi Dannunziani parziali o completi - Scat Legature ad attrezzature o con corde - Bondage Torture elettriche Trazioni e sospensioni Fustigazione e sculacciate leggere o estreme Torture specifiche leggere o estreme Calpestamento Soffocamento controllato con il corpo Addestramento ippico Solletico Cera bollente Giochi di ruolo Umiliazioni e costrizioni Divaricatore e pesi - Specolum Aghi e chiodi Sigarette e ferri Umiliazione Punture di acqua Infermieristico Svuotamento Cateteri
Lady Satine Lady Satine
Lady Satine
Midlands , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I was born at a very early age! I have , in My life since then, experienced just about every strange and unusual request. Some of which I has granted, some of which have given Me nightmares! So never fear if you consider your needs to be different or odd, it is unlikely that no one else has ever asked for them. I has been involved in the scene, both in lifestyle and in play, for some years now, My philosophy is simple. I believe that only with a good understanding between Mistress and slave can a satisfactory session take place. That is the reason why I will always talk, out of scene, before I enter a session. But rest assured once we enter My world then you will be MINE. I am in My 20s, slim, 5ft5 in My stockinged feet (just thi...
Miss Sia Miss Sia
Miss Sia
United Kingdom
I am a lifestyle Dominant Woman currently offering professional domination sessions for men, women and couples. Unfortunately, I have had an unsatisfactory amount of experience which is why I’ve begun mentoring under Mistress Tiffany and offering private sessions. It is My hope that by channeling such powers in an exchange with consensual partners, I will better understand and master Myself, while simultaneously providing a mutually intense experience. I specialize in erotic humiliation and predicament bondage. I love to see my slaves struggle and suffer. I'm currently mentoring under Mistress Tiffany of Fet Retreat in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. I can be reached at 678-590-2376. Photo links:
Mistress Adrianna Mistress Adrianna
Mistress Adrianna
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Strapon play is my favourite pastime as you will see once you have entered my site. There is no bigger turn on for me than having a slave tied up very tightly and securely so there is no risk of escape from what is going to happen to their arse. I love to fuck novices with their tight little holes (not for long) and the more experianced sluts able to take a good hard fisting, or even better a double fisting, yes thats right, two fists at the same time...mmmmmmm. You can read of how I got into strapon fucking by reading the My Sessions page where I have tried to give a little insight into what makes me tick (and fuck) and a little about what to expect in a session with me if you are ever lucky enough to be allowed to serve me in the flesh...
Mistress Amara Dolce Mistress Amara Dolce
Mistress Amara Dolce
Melbourne , Australia
Contact Phone
Hello! Welcome to My website. I am Mistress Amara Dolce, but you may call Me Mistress. I am an elegant, imaginative and highly skilled Professional Dominatrix. I reside in Cairns, and frequently travel to Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and further afield. I began My training in Berlin over ten years ago, and My passion for BDSM has steadily increased, as has My repertoire. I offer an extensive range of BDSM experiences, from light-hearted to hard and heavy play :} Actual sex is not an option; I am an old-school Mistress who commands complete submission. Contact Me by phone or email to design the session of your dreams, or better still, surrender yourself entirely to My wild imagination. Many of My session interests are represented on these pag...
Mistress Crimson Manchester Mistress Crimson Manchester
Mistress Crimson Manchester
Machester, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Sultry Red-headed Mistress. Tall, Slim, Sexy, Educated English Dominatrix.   Sultry Red-headed Manchester Mistress. Tall, Sexy, Slim, Educated English Dominatrix.   Naturally Dominant, intelligent, cultured and well educated, with a passion for tormenting subbies, slaves, sissies, sluts, puppies and all manner of perverts. Sadistically sensuous, whip smart and mercurial, with a wicked sense of humour. With ten years experience in the lifestyle both privately and publicly, I have found I am creative and imaginative. BDSM is a major part of my life, this is the norm for me. My personality is inherently dominant. I enjoy having control over a submissive, I like to make them squirm, beg, plead and shake. I...
Mistress Gemini Mistress Gemini
Mistress Gemini
Los Angeles , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am the Goddess you dream about; the Woman you long to dedicate your whole existence to. The moment you walk through My door and gaze upon My superior beauty; you will be humbled immediately and brought to your knees in quivering anticipation. You will relinquish control with a hungering passion, yearning to be subjected to My whims of sadistic torments or endless teasing. I will take pity on your pleas for mercy, but not before I hear you beg and scream first. I prefer true submissives that long to be at the feet of a beautiful Goddess such as Myself. Subspace/exhilaration/well-being can only be found when complete trust and surrender has been given to Me. I may stand at a petite 5 ft tall barefoot; but don't be fooled, My presence w...
Mistress Jacqueline Mistress Jacqueline
Mistress Jacqueline
Missouri , United States
Contact Phone
Mistress Jacqueline is highly trained in all interests listed below. I have learned from the best, and have been a presenter at regional BDSM events myself. All activities are conducted with the utmost safety and discretion, submissives are allowed a safe word, and encouraged to contact me for aftercare between sessions. To borrow a phrase - Others say... but I have, and I do. Impact Play: Spanking, OTK, Flogging, Caning, Singletail Whipping Bondage: Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage), Metal Retraints (Handcuffs, Thumbcuffs, Structural), Leather Bondage Mitts, Inflatable Ball Gag, Mummification CBT: Humbler, Urethral Sounds, Ball Busting/Slapping, Weights, Restraints Role Play: Teacher, Boss, Jailer/ Interrogator, Auntie Do...