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Domina Kate Domina Kate
Domina Kate
Berlin, Germany
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Erlebe die Faszination authentischer, natrlich gelebter Dominanz einer fesselnden, bezaubernden und zugleich unnahbaren Schnheit, die dich spielerisch um den Verstand bringen kann, deine Schwachstellen aufsprt und dich mit allen Mitteln zu verfhren und zu beherrschen wei. Kontrolliert und gelenkt von erfahrener Hand, werden dich ekstatische und berauschende Momente in Grenzbereiche deines Daseins fhren, schtig machen nach mehr. Meine dominante, sadistische Ader liegt mir im Blut. Von Kindesbeinen an mussten Jungs unter mir leiden, sei es, weil ich ihnen in den Ranzen gepisst hatte oder sie wegen mir Strafsitzen mussten. Das gute Elterhaus in dem ich aufwuchs, bot keinen Anlass dafr, auch sonst gab es keine offensichtliche Ursache, nein,...
Domina Lexx Envy Domina Lexx Envy
Domina Lexx Envy
Pennsylvania, United States
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Philadelphia Dominatrix Lexx Envy Domina Lexx Envys style is sensuous, yet strict and intense. She does not put on an act like most of her counterparts. She possesses a probing psychological insight, a wickedly deviant sense of humor and a razor tongue that can make all the little boys cry if need be. Her personality and sultry demeanor is complex, multi-faceted and at times even paradoxical. A true walking enigmatic contradiction, shell keep you guessing You seek shelter and escape in your servitude to her, the delectable pain she inflicts, and how she leaves you powerless and speechless by just a simple hypnotizing stare. She lives to control men, and thrives on her sadistic nature and intensity. Incredibly intelligent a...
Emilie Severe Emilie Severe
Emilie Severe
Paris , France
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Une domination matrise pour des soumis masochistes satisfaits Cest ce type de rapport que jai toujours entretenu avec les hommes. Depuis ma tendre enfance, ils mont servi, ils mont choy, ils mont ador et ils ont toujours rpondu positivement mon caractre de femme trs dynamique. Je ne suis pas alle vers la domination, je suis ne avec ; elle mapporte beaucoup de satisfaction et je ne conois pas cette activit sans plaisir. Ainsi, je ne fais rien par obligation, je ne suis guide que par le seul objectif, que mon soumis mappartienne totalement, quil soit ma chose : je sais quil apprcie. Il peut suggrer, il ne peut rien mimposer. Il peut proposer, moi, jordonne. Sous mon allure de dominatrice exigeante, habille en tailleur et en escarpins, le...
Lady Ripplee Severin Lady Ripplee Severin
Lady Ripplee Severin
California, United States
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I think of myself as a seductive, perverse, and creative dominant whom incorporates erotic, psychological, physical and sadistic forms of BDSM, D/s and power exchange into each of me sessions. You can count on the time we spend together to be an intense, powerful, challenging, and intoxication experience. I possess a nefarious talent for brutal sensuality and emotional depravity, that will exhaust your body, mind and senses. From the moment you look into my eyes you will know... I am pure wickedness... My academic background incorporates various integrative approaches that include creativity, psychology and sexuality. My BFA allowed me ability to challenge societal norms through the use creativity and art And laying the foundat...
Miss Samantha Fierce Miss Samantha Fierce
Miss Samantha Fierce
New York, United States
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Step into the world of Miss Samantha Fierce: a Mistress, Dominatrix and Pro-Switch with 13 years of experience in the realm of BDSM offering bespoke/customized sessions internationally. I am also an academic a doctoral student based at a university in NYC, studying and researching work on sexual libertines and bisexuality. I meet clients across the globe, based out of New York and London. I also travel worldwide by request. Advanced booking is always recommended. Please have a thorough look around my site before you contact me, as it is comprehensive and likely to answer many of the questions you have right now The Vital Vitals Im a vivacious, petite, curvy, playful and well-educated platinum blonde (usually short bob, occasionally...
Miss Violette Miss Violette
Miss Violette
San Francisco , United States
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“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi What if you could transcend the limitations of ordinary life for a day, for a night, into your own private fairy tale? Here priority is given to pleasure and discovery, sensuality and discipline. This precious realm is protected and controlled by a woman; feminine and powerful. Naturally, she knows your secret self. She has created this wonderland for the two of you to indulge your shared fantasy: the earnest exchange of erotic power and sensory exploration. Inside of you, a growing desire is aroused: the desire to surrender to this dominant woman as she encourages you to let go, to obey, to submit. This desire has brought us together. Knowing my own passions, I invite you t...
Mistress Adrianna Mistress Adrianna
Mistress Adrianna
London, United Kingdom
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Strapon play is my favourite pastime as you will see once you have entered my site. There is no bigger turn on for me than having a slave tied up very tightly and securely so there is no risk of escape from what is going to happen to their arse. I love to fuck novices with their tight little holes (not for long) and the more experianced sluts able to take a good hard fisting, or even better a double fisting, yes thats right, two fists at the same time...mmmmmmm. You can read of how I got into strapon fucking by reading the My Sessions page where I have tried to give a little insight into what makes me tick (and fuck) and a little about what to expect in a session with me if you are ever lucky enough to be allowed to serve me in the flesh...
Mistress Helen Ryder Mistress Helen Ryder
Mistress Helen Ryder
United Kingdom
A lifestyle background before offering Professional Services, from Role-Play, CP, CBT, Strap-on, foot fetish, electrics  and Sissy Maids being just a few of my favourites. Alternate massage for those wishing to explore at a more gentle pace
Mistress Josephine Mistress Josephine
Mistress Josephine
London, United Kingdom
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Having lived in such a diverse city as London for the last ten years, previously living on the out skirts, I have been aware and interested in the other side of Londons sexual culture particularly in the forms of BDSM and the fetish scene. Being a regular visitor to Londons alternative clubs and bars I soon found I attracted a lot of attention from men and women who would like to serve and please me. This became very appealing, as from a young age I have always wanted things my own way. This combination has served me well in my chosen career as a Dominatrix. Soon after discovering these attractions I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with a well respected London Domme who invited me to join her in session, in no time at all...
Mistress Scarlet Mistress Scarlet
Mistress Scarlet
Glasgow , Scotland
Contact Phone
Mistress Scarlet is a Professional Dominatrix based in Glasgow, Scotland. Mistress is availible for appointments Monday to Friday only and can be contacted by clicking the contact button in the menu bar above or by telephoning 07765 515158, witheld numbers and texts will be ignored. Biography Many dominant women can recall events in their childhood that with hindsight are obviously their first indications of dominance. I am no different and vividly remember the thrill and enjoyment I gained from my earliest unconscious BDSM explorations. It was during my time at University that my first serious encounters in BDSM occurred and I knew then that I had to have more. The day after I completed my studies I moved to London, looking for more,...