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Mistress Alaia Mistress Alaia
Mistress Alaia
New York, United States
Contact Phone
 My perverted, kinky mind will impress and amaze you. I am the perfect mix sensual and sexy, with a twisted sadistic appetite that make you beg for more. My presence demands attention effortlessly, my beauty will captivate you and place you under my spell. I'm addicting, I'm the one you want to worship, serve, and obey. I will get into your head, the ultimate tease and denial, taunting you for more, consuming your every thought.  ? I only participate in consensual play. I do not participate in anything illegal or have sex of any kind in my sessions. Please do not ask. Some of my favorite kinks include (but not limited to): Body Worship • Feet/Leg/Shoe Worship • Cross-Dressing • Tease and Denial Hum...
Mistress Damiana Chi Mistress Damiana Chi
Mistress Damiana Chi
Los Angeles, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
My name is Damiana Chi (dah mee ah nuh chee). I have been a Professional Dominatrix since 2000, and a lifestyle Domina for most of my adult life. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am an all-American girl, but my Chinese-Filipina ethnicity and fluency in Cantonese brings exoticness to my character. A Cut Above I am proud of the reputation that I have built as one of the most well-respected, established, experienced and skilled Dominas in L.A. What sets Me apart is my understanding of psychology, which is at the heart of BDSM play. I have a keen intuitive sense of what it is you crave about being before Me, and I make it a reality. Just as every individual is different and unique, sessions are individualized and unique with every person....
Mistress Deven Mistress Deven
Mistress Deven
New York , United States
Contact Phone
Allow yourself to be released from societies grasp I am Mistress Deven. I am a lifestyle as well as pro Domme. I believe the relationship developed through the time spent with my pet is an important one . Created with trust and my loving dominance. I Am a very down to Earth individual.How ever do not take my kindness for weakness. I hate the way society labels everything that it cannot understand. I give you a chance to feel free being yourself and to explore fantasies you've had to suppress through the journey of your life. I can be strict and sensual ,this really depends on your demeanor. I enjoy Deprivation, Wax play, CBT, Sissy training , Cross Dressing , Imprisonment , Collar and leash play , Breathe play , Golden, Spankings in...
Mistress of Souls Mistress of Souls
Mistress of Souls
Wakefield, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Satan is a hard Task Master. He hides unimaginable power behind a smiling mask of awesome beauty. He lulls and seduces the unwary with gentle words and honey sweet phrases. He recognises our weaknesses before we realise that they exist and so does his mortal Priestess here on earth who uses Satans skills to reap him a harvest of souls. All nonsense and make believe? Are you quite, quite sure? If Mistress asked you to sell your soul to the Devil would you really agree without one reservation or misgiving? Mistress of Souls is a lifestyle and scene dominatrix with with a real taste for administering pain and fear and has over eight years experience in most types of S/m/BDSM activities. Although She specialises in harsh to extreme pl...
Mistress Patricia Marsh Mistress Patricia Marsh
Mistress Patricia Marsh
Toronto, Canada
Contact Phone
Welcome To My Domain I am the illustrious professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, Mistress Patricia Marsh. The Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy, Toronto was inspired by a lifetime of obsessive deviant desires and dreams. It is a magical sexy place in which to safely indulge and explore fantasies, fetishes, bondage, discipline, sado-masochism and power exchange.
Mistress Pippa Mistress Pippa
Mistress Pippa
Hong Kong , Hong Kong
Contact Phone
I am a professional English Dominatrix and an independent lifestyle Domina. Im a passionate and multi faceted Mistress with a profound understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM. Power stimulates me and I adore tormenting and teasing where the psychological stimulation of suspense is added to the already overpowering physical sensations. I will challenge the experienced submissive and guide the novice who wishes to indulge in their wildest fantasies. Im deeply sensual and expect to enjoy myself. Even though I can be severe, I also take pleasure in not only compelling my slave to submit but also in fulfilling his fantasies by turning his desires and fantasies into reality. I revel in the wicked thrills of power and in...
Mistress Selina Minx Mistress Selina Minx
Mistress Selina Minx
Los Angeles, United States
Contact Phone
Mistress Selina Minx started down the path of Female Domination in her High School years, as she soon learned that the majority of people were easily controlled once you knew what motivated them. Her own motivation was kinky new experiences... and being lucky enough to be born an attractive female, Selina found what she was looking for. Her college days initiated her into the BDSM scene of Hollywood California through its many bondage parties and clubs. She was enthralled by this world of costumes, pageantry and stylized encounters with the darker and more powerful archetypes. Mistress Minx began by performing as a submissive, all the while relishing the power she had over the captivated crowd, who were entranced by her uninhibited arousal...
Mistress XTC Mistress XTC
Mistress XTC
California, United States
Contact Phone
Hi, Im Mistress XTC and welcome to Im ready to help you discover what youve been missing in your life. I want to provide the best experience possible, so please take a look at the rest of my site to decide if youd like to book a session. Im looking forward to meeting you soon.
SexySarahLove SexySarahLove
United States
I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for 15 years. I have seen a lot of things that make some people want to walk away. I, because I am kind of kinky stayed and played. You want to play too?
Miss Jessica Wood Miss Jessica Wood
Miss Jessica Wood
Watford, London, United Kingdom
Ass Worship
Fetish (giving)
Being Filmed
Body Worship
Cross Dressing
Face Sitting
Foot Worship
Key Holding
Role Play & Fantasy
Sub Games
Brunette Mistress
Busty Mistress
Slim Mistress
Boot Fetish
CP (Corporal Punishment)
Face Slapping
Financial Servitude
High Heel Worship
Human Furniture
Leg Worshiping
Maid training
Rubber Fetish
Shopping (Personal Shopper)