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Auntie Amanda Auntie Amanda
Auntie Amanda
Glasgow , Scotland
Contact Phone
The Sophisticated and Sensual, Strict Disciplinarian. Blissful, well structured and orderly domesticity is how I run my household. I have old fashioned Scottish values which I expect all my little darling reprobates to adhere to. What ever ideal pictures of perfect domesticity you may have in your mind, wither it be Auntie, Mother, Babysitter/ Girl next door or Governess, within the confines of this domestic environment I make the rules. So as you can imagine any rule breaking shall be dealt with accordingly. I specialize in Spanking, Hairbrush, Slipper/ Plimsolls, Belt, Tawse and Cane so be very aware of the consequences once I address your misbehaviour and indiscretions. I have everything at hand to carryout any and all forms of puni...
Cat Cat
Shanghai , China
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Shanghai native professional mistress with over 7 year experiences. Age 29. Private dungeon. Female slaves available for session as well.
Comtessa Loredana Comtessa Loredana
Comtessa Loredana
Wien, Austria
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Zunchst einmal ... Freut es mich, dass Du meine Seiten gefunden hast. Hier lade ich Dich ein, mich und meine bizarren Phantasien ein wenig kennenzulernen. Auf diesen Seiten findest Du alles, was Dir helfen soll, mich und meine Praktiken besser einschtzen zu können, bevor Du Dich zu einem Besuch entschliet. Das Angebot umfat neben einer Galerie, in der Du viele Fotos von mir sehen kannst, auch eine Erluterung meiner bevorzugten Erziehungspraktiken, die Dir helfen soll, die bereinkunft unserer Neigungen zu prfen. Ferner findest Du hier auch Verweise zu Veranstaltungsterminen und Infos rund ums Thema BDSM. Anregungen und konstruktive Kritik nehme ich gerne entgegen. Und nun wnsche ich Dir viel Spa bei einem Rundgang...
Domina Athenais Domina Athenais
Domina Athenais
New York, United States
Contact Phone
Welcome to my world.... A world where nothing else exists except the darkened corners of a sadistic imagination. A world where you are no longer the edifice of a false image that was erected for only them to see. You are now in my world and in my world I am in control. And you are whatever I want you to be. First of all... Let me start by telling you that I am the most exotically endowed Mistress in this part of the world and I dare you to find another Mistress that can measure up to me. At almost six feet tall in my sexy stocking feet, I can put you into shame and submission at an instant. 646-807-5467 You will never disobey my authority or I will use a myriad of intelligence, creativity, and torment methods to put you...
Domina Elle Domina Elle
Domina Elle
Colorado , United States
Contact Phone
I am a play facilitator, a Dominant Surrogate: a Dominatrix! I specialize in bdsm and fetish domination services. My services include bondage and discipline sessions, counseling in regard to bdsm & fetish as well as a wide range of human sexuality topics, sharing various resources pertaining to bdsm & fetish and human sexuality, resources and information regarding maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle, couples guidance and the introduction of bdsm activities to your mates or partners. I take great pleasure in sharing information and experiences pertaining to the bdsm & fetish lifestyle with novices as well as people who have enjoyed bdsm for many years. After the initial phone interview, your exploration begins with...
Domina Jemma Domina Jemma
Domina Jemma
Rome , Italy
Contact Phone
MY STORY I discovered BDSM when I was just 16. Already very sexually active, I was enjoying my first adventure inside a real sex shop. I found the shop rather dull and uninspiring, until I found a dark secret room in the back behind a heavy curtain... My eyes lit up and my heart started beating quickly as my surroundings registered - whips, chains, clamps, leather, rubber and PVC. At the age of 16 I could only hazard a guess as to what all this stuff was for, but I unexplainably wanted it ALL! I ran around that room like a crazed child in a candy shop, and left with a PVC corset, whip and flogger, handcuffs, clamps and a start up bondage kit! For a couple of years I compulsively returned to that dark room to buy more and more equipmen...
Dominatrix Duo Dominatrix Duo
Dominatrix Duo
Atlanta Georgia , United States
Contact Phone
I am a well known and highly acclaimed Professional Dominatrix with over a decade of experience subjugating and erotically controlling those who place themselves in My capable hands. I use men for MY pleasure, and they love Me for it! I revel in using My sensuality and disciplinarian nature to bring My partners to a fully submissive state. I pride Myself on My ability to seduce my victims into total compliance. I will have you captivated from the moment I open the door. You will see delight gleaming in My eyes as I strip away your power, and you will become a slut for Me, a toy to be used. I understand the power of the feminine mystique- the sights, the scents, the touches, the tastes. I will use all of them to gain My advan...
Goddess Aurora Goddess Aurora
Goddess Aurora
United States
Available for online sessions Monday - Friday 10a - 10p central standard time
Goddess Nora Marinelli Goddess Nora Marinelli
Goddess Nora Marinelli
Vienna, Austria
Contact Phone
I am based in Vienna & Ulm/Germany but i travel a few times a year to London, Dubai, Irland & Hamburg!!     Exceptional First Class Domination (from best home - self-confident in), winding Fetish Diva, with style, class and level for high performance. Fascinating authentic and charming at the same time, an unapproachable beauty will bring the devoted admirer and gentleman with boundless imagination, passion for captivating moments, playing out of his mind. I have been practicing BDSM highest quality for demanding connoisseurs and fetish lover and I offer my guests quality SM sessions and fetishes of all kinds. Beginners are very welcome. I am...
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Lady Cherie Lady Cherie
Lady Cherie
Copenhagen , Denmark
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Jeg er dit vrste mareridt. som rider om natten dine drmme. En Diabolisk smuk djvel,, som vil fravriste dig dine inderste fantasier. En heks, som driller og tirrer! Lfter dig til skyerne og knkker dig! Piner og plager dig til den ultimative nydelse... Bruger din krop, til hvad jeg finder den egnet til... for mig, Min vilje,...min lyst! Jeg er fdt med de bedste redskaber,... Mine hnder! Jeg kan alt - Jeg vil alt! og nr jeg har dig i min magt, S gr jeg det!