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Mistress Sinn Mistress Sinn
Mistress Sinn
United States
I Am A Goddess. The creation of perfection. Once blessed with my presence you will ONLY think of ME. You will address me by : Mistress , Majesty , My Queen, Goddess or Madame (Rarely) I Was Placed On This Earth To Do As I Please... And you WILL do as I SAY ! ^_^ Her Majesty, Mi$tress $inn ♡ Want to know more... Just Ask. Maybe Ill answer. :-p Looks are deceiving. Keep this in mind. 3 ^_- Im a self-absorbed, narcissistic, conceited (Barbie) Queen whos only purpose of her existence is to be cherished and honored by her loyal companions of those who are only worthy of her presence. And PROVES their loyalty on a daily basis by whatever means she ask of them. NOTE: I will say it ONLY Once! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME! for it is very valuable and...
Mistress Xena Mistress Xena
Mistress Xena
Harrow, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am a professional Mistress with over 17 years experience! I operate from a private discreet location 2 minutes from Harrow on the hill tube station (Met line)Just 20 mins from central London.  
Vivienne Fairest Vivienne Fairest
Vivienne Fairest
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
I am a fetish Domme specialising in foot fetish.
Madame Phoenix Madame Phoenix
Madame Phoenix
London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Madame Phoenix Elite Black London Mistress Madame Phoenix has finally come home to roost. I have been travelling for the past few years opening up various chambers but now I realise that there is no place like home.LONDON!!! I am 511 tall and a beautiful black Goddess. I am like Medusa, one look from me and you belong to me forever! I am an extremely classy black London Mistress and demand total submission, dedication and loyalty. I am a House Domme at Club Black Whip I am very spoiled by my slaves but, the rewards to you are endless, if you submit to me. I session at fully equipped chambers very close to Old Street Station, but a very select few will be invited to session with me at my Highbury home, Although m...
Miss Cameo Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo
Northampton , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
My name is Miss Cameo; I adore living in a world of pleasure and pain. This is who I am and what I do in both my personal and professional life! I love what I do and I only do what I love! I have no need to prove my dominance to you, I do not need to assume a role to be able to control you, I do not need to shout, swear or cause you pain to show you my power - you already know I am in charge when you simply look into my deep green eyes. My very body and voice are exquisite weapons and will tame you subtly, unless I choose to take your submission by force. My voice will bewitch your very soul and my touch will seduce any who feels its hypnotic and dangerous caress. You do not have to be a submissive or slave to visit me nor do...
Mistress Suzi Mistress Suzi
Mistress Suzi
Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
So you wish to feel the dominance of a strict and experienced Mistress who will put you in your place under her heels you want to serve and worship at her feet and obey her whims. I am who you see, a Mistress of expectation, you have your fantasy lets make it happen. My Art of Domination has been gathered over a number of years, you want creativity, a Mistress, a woman, not a girl step this way. Your boundaries will be respected, as will mine, but there will come a time when you wish to explore further and I will be there waiting. I invite suitable submissives to my domain; as my mood takes me I can be cruel, but my empathetic nature will always rule. Your fulfilling experience with me will be one that you will not regret or forge...
Comtessa Jana Comtessa Jana
Comtessa Jana
Berlin, Germany
Contact Phone
Domina Jana ist eine erfahrene, absolut veranlagte und beraus kompetente dominante Frau. Sie praktiziert bundesweit mit Schwerpunkt in der Stadt Berlin. Ihren hervorragenden Ruf als Extremklinikerin trgt sie zu Recht, denn die examinierte Krankenschwester versteht sich auf allerlei weien Spielarten. Ihre Befhigungen in diesem Bereich gestatten ihr auch ausgefallene Praktiken. Auch der ursprngliche, schwarze BDSM ist ihr Metier egal, ob fantasievolle Psychofolter, die Ausbung sadistischer Praktiken oder die kreative Umsetzung besonderer Fantasien in erregende, stimmungsvolle Inszenierungen: Lady Jana ist der geneigte Gast in besten Hnden! Bei allem fliet ihr reichhaltiger Erfahrungsschatz mit ein, nicht zufllig stellt ihr Ha...
Lady Britt Lady Britt
Lady Britt
Brohl, Germany
Contact Phone
Die Schnheit einer dominanten Frau macht einen Mann total kopflos. Dominanz spren, einfach handlungsunfhig sein, Beides zusammen wird fr dich als Sklave fast unertrglich. Mit besonderer Freude werde ich dich bis an die Grenze deiner Belastbarkeit heranfhren. Es gibt kein Entkommen !!! Nur wer wirklich unterwrfig ist, das Spiel, dessen Spielregeln ich bestimme, spielt, wei, was es bedeutet, mir zu dienen.
San Francisco, United States
Contact Phone
My Grey Heaven. I am Miss Grey. You will find in me a sensual sadist, an exquisite Femdom companion, and a highly skilled practitioner of professional BDSM. Im a crafty domina -- a chameleon who can change colors between heartbeats. From kindly domestic guidance to blisteringly sadistic predicaments, I deliver imaginative control and sensation that will take your breath away. Our time together can be sensual, or diabolically challenging. I provide skilled torment, challenging bondage, and rigorous discipline for the seasoned player, and gentle exploration soft landings for nervous novices. Regardless of the type of scene we share, your sincere submission will be revered and protected.
Miss Solitaire Miss Solitaire
Serious Mistress worldwide bookable for Moneyslaves, Footfetish, BDSM in finest Latex Leather and much more