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United States
Utah based DOMINATRIX - Queen of Vulgarism. No limits Taboo Lolita Fetish Princess for subs, slaves, and sissies of all experience levels. Gothic, Cosplay, Lolita, Lifestyle. One-on-one or Double Domme RT/Online sessions.
Mistress Alex Mistress Alex
Mistress Alex
New York, United States
Contact Phone
I am Mistress Alex, renowned NYC professional dominant since 2005, lifestyle player over a decade before that. I hold a Master of Arts in Psychology. I have a private play space in Manhattan where I regularly inflict myself on the luckiest of subjects. My BDSM interests run broad and deep, from corporal punishment to psychological dominance. I get pleasure from breaking in newbies, expanding well-seasoned players, and training all those in between. I am sadistic, talented, intelligent, breathtaking, athletic, hilarious, and humble. (Just kidding about that last one.) I do not switch or engage in illegal activity or nudity. I require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice, and a reference or deposit prior to first sessions. Dont wor...
Mistress Allure Mistress Allure
Mistress Allure
London, United Kingdom
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Do you quiver at the thought of a gorgeous, tall, leggy sophisticated woman controlling you, mocking you?   Do you fantasise about being teased and tormented by a sultry, green eyed seductive, yet merciless Goddess?   Do you want to know what it feels like to be kneeling, waiting in anticipation to give up your control to the Ultimate Domina?   Then look no further…….. I am the Mistress you want to worship, obey and suffer for.   Being of mixed blood, English/Italian I am hot headed and passionate about life, and everything I do. I truly understand life and all its glory detail, so can face and understand extreme situations or emotions with you that you may feel when you...
Mistress Dita Mistress Dita
Mistress Dita
Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Contact Phone
I am a Pro Domme with Chambers in Hull, East Yorkshire. I am always searching for fresh meat to amuse and Worship Me. I offer an incall/outcall Service and Tours Nationally/Internationally
mistress Fidelia mistress Fidelia
mistress Fidelia
Milano, Italy
Contact Phone
Goddess and an unconventional Dominatrix based in Italy-Milano.The sado-mistress of Italy.She travels regularly to Dubai ,Greece and Rome.Firm but fair,cruel but emphatic,sensual,creative,unforeseeable.
Mistress Veronika Mistress Veronika
Mistress Veronika
Massachusetts , United States
Contact Phone
I am a BBW Domme in the Northern Mass Southern NH area. I have long silky black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. I am a beautiful, exotic plus size woman who has learned to use her charm as well as her curves to get what she wants. I may seem demure in public, but when that door closes behind us and we are alone my dominance is undeniable. I stand a little under 5`6 tall, but my presence is much, much greater. I have pretty pedicured toes, and soft precious feet which I love to have kissed, rubbed and most importantly... worshipped. I am on what seems to be a never ending quest for the perfect foot slave. I am quite versatile with an extensive toy collection. I can be firm but kind or I can be the Bitch from Hell... What pleases me, is your...
MizzUltraViolet MizzUltraViolet
West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Contact Phone
Welcome to the domain of MizzUltraViolet I am a Young Professional Domina with a penchant for CP, Edgeplay and Humiliation. image I am far more experienced and knowledgeable than most my age due to entering into the lifestyle very early on. Over time I have evolved to become a Domina with many facets that allow me to be sensual or sadistic depending on my mood and who I am playing with. I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of the fetish and BDSM lifestyle and also attend fetish events in various locations where my subs often join me (at their expense obviously!)I can accommodate and have my own playroom or am happy to use other local facilities. I insist on a safe, healthy and hygienic environment and always stick to activities that are...
Queen Kate Queen Kate
Queen Kate
United Kingdom
Bow down to your queen.. Give me all my wants and needs and everything I desire.. If you man enough to contact me
Lady Victoria Valente Lady Victoria Valente
Lady Victoria Valente
Struttgart , Germany
Contact Phone
Lady Victoria Valente is a sympathetic but at the same forceful beauty who understands about a wide range of classical dominant techniques and practices. Among her favorite pastimes are forms of eroticism related to rubber, shoes, pantyhose and feet. She also enjoys trampling, sissyfication, flagellation (bare hand, cane, flogger), roleplaying, slapping, verbal humiliation, nippletorture, CBT, ballbusting, slave training, human ashtrays, petplay, ass worship facesitting (only safe !!) , forced feeding, golden shower, spitting, playing with cigarettes, smothering, punishment scenarios, exhibition, dressage, wax torture... Are you an enthusiast of classical dominance and appreciate enjoying your submissive and masochist side in a hote...
Lady Malena Lady Malena
Lady Malena
Berlin, Germany
Contact Phone
Die klassische Dominanz in Ihrer ganzen Ausdrucksfhigkeit, ihren extremen Mglichkeiten und Kultiierungen in allen Gesellschaftszweigen entspricht meiner angeborenen Persnlichkeit. Deine orstellungen werden on mir aufgenommen und in der Harmonie meiner Kreatiitt aufgehen. Die Frage, ob bestimmte Abfolgen on Bestrafungen gefallen, andere aber erpnt sind, wird bei mir nicht fallen. Und damit Du einsiehst, dass nichts so herrlich scheint als die nahbare Betrachtung meiner Haare und Fe, so erfhrst Du auch was elektrische Energie bewirken kann. Zu einem gelungenen Auftritt gehrt auch ein berzeugender Abgang. Die klassische Dominanz, on meiner Hand gefhrt, endet meist mit wohltuendem Schmerz.